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Woodchuck capture

Fargo Bill, SASS #4942

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Fifty-two (52 :) ) years ago tomorrow I captured and tamed a cute little female groundhog. To this day, she is the cutest mate I could ever have imagined. She never complains when I ready myself for a shoot date and always welcomes me home from such. After all these years she has said she is ready for some introductory target shooting when the weather warms. Her new Colt 45 is ready to come out of the safe. Sure hope she sees her shadow. Happy Anniversary Babe.

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yu actually tamed her??? dang, did she see that????



Happy Anniversary

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Tomorrow is her day. Let us know if she sees her shadow, or not. It's important. We need her prediction and prognostication of weather or not we will have an early spring. . .




P.S. Otherwise, Jimmy the Groundhog will be on tap tomorrow morning for his usual very accurate observances.

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Just wondering,

Has she shot before?


If not,, do you really want to start with a 45?

Is it worth the risk?


22's are a great way to learn!




on what Maurader says.


If you want to make it to 53 start with .22's and when it comes to teaching let someone else do the dirty work.

Been there - did not succeed. :( :(

:( X 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000


I ain't one for saying what is a good name - note: mine was chosen outta frustration, now it is me - however we used to shoot woodchucks fer fun.




Many more to you. :)






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