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Pietta 1860 Colt Conversions

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I really like the idea of the gated Kirst Conversion. It uses a Scofield round what is shorter than the 45 colt. Couldn't ya just load a short 45 colt cartridge for your pistols and use the standard for your rifle? Or would they prolly cycle just fine shorter in my 1892? I have a wonderful 1892 Octagon Navy Arms rifle and TONS of 45 Colt cartridges.

Then there is the drop in Howell Conversion in 45 Colt reloaded .25 + or - shorter? I gathered this info from reading reviews on Midway.

Mas importante - Which one could I bird dog and find USED easier? The Gated Conversion or the Drop In Cylinder?,


I tried to check out earlier archived posts on the subject, but couldn't see what I am asking about.




The Fishmonger

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Ben there done all three.

The short cartridges work fine in either conversion cylinder. In fact, the C45S case is just superb. You may find your '92 won't cycle short cartridges for beans without some work. Chances are, your '92 won't run at all with C45S cases, even with work.

The gated conversion also requires cutting a cartridge channel in the frame, instantly converting your "non firearm" into a firearm under BATF rules.



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I have the Howell drop in cylinders in a pair of 60's with navy grips and cut down barrels. They are fun to shoot and don't require a lot of work to load and unload. If I was to go with the gated conversion cylinders I think I would just buy conversion pistols myself.





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My Taylors conversion cylinders work with .45 Colt with 160 or 180 grain RFN or any bullet in a Schofield or Cowboy Special. If you shoot BP, the Cowboy Special holds the same amount of powder as a 125-grain .38 Special.

The shorter rounds will not likely work in a 1892, but we have a local cowboy that shoots a Winchester 1894 Trapper (16.5"barrel) with Schofields just fine with no modifications.

I prefer the drop-in and no modifications to the gun other than adding a bit more tension to the hand spring. Adding some tension to this spring adjusts the gun from a six-shot to a five-shot.

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