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1858 Rermington, what accessories?

Nimble Fingers SASS# 25439

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I have a few Colts in cases with the assorted accessories, mold flask, nipple wrench, but I haven't ever seen a case and accessories for the Remington, not saying there isn't just saying never saw. Well I have a 1858 made by my Dad before he died and want to put it in a case as well. But what accessories to get? Are there specific accessories for Remington or get the ones that would work for a .44 Colt? Thanks in advance.


Nimble Fingers


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A conversion cylinder will fit perfectly in the square section below the trigger guard (where one might put a capper)

The powder flask is a repro of one made for the Remington revolver.




...or cap tin (neither of which would be necessary for a conversion, but handy as a backup)

Nipple wrench is handy as well.







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Many years ago the old gun magazines used to run how-to articles a lot and making/converting small cases to house ones prize pistol turned up occasionally. This doesnt turn up to often any more but a google search might help. As to the specifics of Remmington accessories, you might ask the experts over on the Remmington site, these guys live and breathe this stuff and they love talking it. http://www.cascity.com/forumhall/index.php/board,55.0.html

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