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black panther

Trigger Mike

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Oh that's funny stuff! :lol: :lol:



Man, I love me some Jerry Clower


I laugh heartily every time I listen.

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I agree 100% with Loophole LaRue. My brother was one of those desk jockeys. Most of the wildlife biologist that I know,have spent more time in the woods, then one could imagine. Don't cut a person down because they have a education.


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I'm not sure that I would call a professional wildlife biologist a "desk jockey"; most of those folks have some very decent field experience to go along with years of training in anatomy and behavior. Many are in a better position than you or I, no matter how long we have lived in an area, to accurately and dispassionately analyze reported sightings. I'm not totally discounting eyewitness observations - but trained observers are often more accurate.


A quick Web search indicates that the consensus seems to be that no one has taken a verified black leopard, cougar or other large cat, that might be described by some non-desk jockeys as a "black panther", in North America.


Just about every year, we get reports around here of big cat sightings, often accompanied by an unscaled photo of a paw print that could easily be a Tabby or a lion, depending upon actual size. Unfortunately, the verifications always fall short, leaving us with only rumor and campfire stories.




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