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Just four days ago, the family of Jack Hoffman updated their Caring Bridge page from Boston.

Hoffman, 7, was diagnosed with brain cancer in April of 2011 as
chemotherapy and two surgeries has shrunk the tumor to the point where
the family is pleased with stability.

Little did the family know, just four days later, this boy would be a star in Lincoln, Neb. and eventually the entire country.

A Nebraska Cornhusker fan, Jack befriended former Nebraska star running
back Rex Burkhead. Thanks to the popularity and the heart of Burkhead,
"Team Jack" gained regional attention and money was raised for cancer

However, nothing could prepare the family for Saturday, as the Division
I football powerhouse filled Memorial Stadium with 60,174 fans for the
annual Spring Day.

The red team, facing a 4th-and-1 at their own 31-yard-line, didn't
bring out the punt team. Instead they brought out the Jack Team.

Receivers coach Rich Fisher and several players went over the play on
the sidelines and Jack did the rest. Out of the shotgun formation,
Taylor Martinez took the snap and gave the ball to Jack, proudly wearing
Burkhead's No. 22.

Jack started left, then went on a sweep to the right with 10 players
doing their best pulling guard impressions leading a bath to the end
zone. Both teams celebrated on the spot, lifting Jack on their
shoulders. And this boy fighting cancer showed no signs of weakness from
the treatments, sprinting the entire 69 yards.

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What a great story, Joe. We could use a few more like it.


A couple of friends from school, lost their grand son to some type of disease earlier this year. The poor

lad had been suffering for three years. Those things are difficult to understand. I have no idea of how

a parent could deal with such a challenge.

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