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Sold to Prairie Dawg

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Would prefer to sell in one lot as freight would be cheaper for the buyer as it will all fit in a medium flat rate box. This is not loaded ammunition! :)


Here is what is available;


Round Balls

.310 175pcs Hornady

.315 200pcs commercial caster

.319 100pcs commercial caster

.320 200pcs commercial caster

.321 100pcs commercial caster

.376 92pcs commercial caster

.395 149pcs commercial caster

.440 166pcs commercial caster

.457 200pcs Hornady (For Ruger Old Armies)

.490 88pcs Hornady

.495 96pcs Lee Mold

.530 100pcs Speer

.530 51pcs Hornady

.530 40pcs Home Caster



.510 34pcs 251grn


Minnie Balls

.540 62pcs 398grn Cast w/Lee Mould


27 pcs 50 caliber Break A Way Sabots

Use with .430 projectiles


My best guess is that these items would run about $250.00 + freight in today's market. I am asking $150.00 plus freight for the entire lot.


Thanks for looking,



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