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Chorro Valley Shoot

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The Chorro Valley group will be writing their own article for the SASS Chronicle. That will be a few months, so I am posting a mini-review of this great shoot. I have wanted to go to this shoot for several years. (Several years ago it was known as the John Wayne Shoot.) It was 113+ in Phoenix and I got several emails from pards that come out to shoot Winter Range asking me to come. They promised it was sunny and 70 out there and the shoot WOULD be fun. So I loaded up the RV and started counting down the 600 miles to San Luis Obispo, Ca. When I got there it was, indeed, 70 degrees. What a difference! The range is just a few miles from the ocean and while you cannot see it, you can feel it. The cool air and sea mist blow through the little valley.




Less than 10 miles away it was over 100. But in the idyllic little valley where the match is held it was sunny and no more than 71 or 72 degrees! The club has a club house that is action central for the match and on both sides on the main street were vendors selling all kinds of cowboy related goods and services.





To rest and relax after a long day of shooting, the Howling Wolff Saloon (a staple at California events of various kinds) was set up and open for business.





The first event was the Professionals Match (named after the movie). This match allows all sorts of vintage military firearms and was a hoot to watch. The stage began by firing a burst from a machine gun. Then the beep and the shooter fired vintage handguns, rifles and shotguns.




Typical rifles were Springfield 1903's and British SMLE's.




One fellow was using a Broomhandle Mauser with shoulder stock as his rifle.




Handguns ran the gamut from Colt 1911's, Lugers, and more traditional handguns like this Professional's 1909 and 1917 Colts.




The stages were varied and they tried to put in some unusual and entertaining variations. One stage was a buckboard where all the shooting was from a seated position in the buckboard. You started with reins in hand, said your line and at the beep pulled on the reins raising two shotgun targets. You engaged the two shotgun, pulled the reins to reset the targets, then fired your rifle, then two more shotgun, pulled the reins again, fired your pistols and then a final two rounds of shotgun. (Six total.) I wanted to take some photos of the wagon but by the time I took my gear back to the RV and came back with the camera the hard working match personnel had already removed the wheels and moved it back to make ready for the Sunday morning shoot-off. Here's just the box to get an idea of how it looked. It felt like a wagon chase in an old Saturday morning western where you were shooting all the bad guns from the moving wagon.




California being California even the costuming varies a bit. Here is a California Classic Cowgirl. YEEHAA!!!




All in all this was a terrific shoot. The match was full to capacity (240+) and if they follow the same formula next year, I expect they will sell out early. If you are in the San Luis Obispo area next August, put this shoot on your list of things to do.


Larsen E. Pettifogger

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You got a picture of Incorrigible! Yeeha! A real pleasure to have you and Dan Diamond up this way and I'm glad you enjoyed the visit. To bad you had to go back to 113 degrees, I hope to get back to Phoenix in Feb when the temps are a bit more...reasonable. Thanks for the visit.

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Yee Haw!


It was my first time there and I'm warning y'all now I will be there next year. I've already reserved my parking.


The scenarios were different, creative, and fun! Although I did not clean the match, it was easily cleanable.


It was wonderful to see you three gentlemen again. Himself (Larson's dog), who I call "Killer," even let me pet him this time.


I was on a wonderful posse, led by Mad Dog McCoy. Incorrigible was a hoot. The "Parental Unit" (Calgary Kate's name for Wandering Rose and Mad Trapper of Rat River)were great fun and very supportive. Black Chip Mary (AKA Mom) ensured we kept hydrated and gave us lots to laugh about. She is the epitome of a good sport. I always love shooting with Mad Dog Jack and his daughter Rusty Rita. Jack you da man! The indescribable Filthy Lucre was on our posse too. I got to know Box Herder and German Rosebud. Whoever was responsible for putting together our posse, thank you!


Morro Bay and it's wonderful eateries is about five minutes away. I had a terrific dinner there Sunday with Snakebite, Connie, Pocket Change, Crusty Jim, and Sierra Rider. Thanks for taking me along!


Hipshot and Blue Eyes were there too. It's always nice to talk to them.


I missed shooting with Ruthless Ruthie and Easy Emily who couldn't make it at the last minute. Emily did come out and visit. Great seeing you Emily!


I got to see my brother Fillmore Coffins too!


The atmosphere at this match was wonderful. It seemed like everyone was so happy you could feel it. When I go to most matches, I give it time to decide whether to attend again. I knew the first day that I had to make this one next year!


Thank you Chorro Valley Regulators! :)




Allie Mo

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It was great to see friends and make new ones. It takes a lot of work both physical and mental to put on a big match as many know.Our Match Directors Sinful and El Lazo have done a great job along with the "folk who no-one sees". I enjoy watching the fast guys knowing how much practice they have put in, and watching Walks Under Buffalo who shoots a pair of Walkers, a muzzlestuffer rifle and sometimes muzzlestuffer shotgun. Our posse, Smokey #7, was definately the most fun posse I have ever shot with :P

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Posse 7 Rocked! Had a great time and got to shoot with a lot of great people. Met some new people and hopefully made some lasting friendships. Hats off the Mad Dog McCoy for running a smooth posse. :)

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