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1866 yellowboy or 1873?

Llama Ron

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Forget those sissy rifles :P


Get an 1860 Henry :D Better looking, style points, a real man's rifle...


G (coming from one who shot Ivory Jack's '66 and LOVED it)G ~ :FlagAm:

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Thanks for the great advise! Will NOT remove


I believe you and Driftwood are talking about two different things. I believe you are talking about part # 542 on this drawing found on Marauder's web site. If so, remove the stock and it will become clear how to remove it. To my knowledge, the part Driftwood is referring to does not exist on a 66...but it does on a 73.

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I may have mispoke. Should have realized we were talking about a '66, not a '73. If we are talking about the lever lock, all you have to do is rotate it 180 degrees. Or you can remove it. Here is a photo of my '73 that I hope makes things a little bit clearer.





There are two screws that hold the stock on. There is a wood screw coming up from the bottom, and a long metal screw that comes down from the top. Parts #63 and #239 in the disassembly drawing that Buck linked to.

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