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Cleaning a 10X

Kid Drover

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MD, I'd shoot Blackwater Desperado a PM and ask him...since he's in the hat business. He might recommend the brush, but I've seen him use a sponge looking thinga-ma-bob. He also might have some other tricks up his sleeve. Here's a link to his profile.



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Howdy M.D.,

If you will visit a good hat shop you can find cleaning sponges that gently brush away and remove dust, dirt, and even black powder residue. Don't go to Wally World or Target and just get any old hat sponge. Many are treated with chemicals that will damage your hat. They are oily and that stuff soaks into the felt and makes them actually attract more dust.


You should brush the crown in a clockwise direction and the top of the brim in the same direction as that is the way they are finished and will make them last much longer and keep the finish nicer longer.


The sponges actually are slightly abrasive and do remove some (very minute amount) material in the process. The stuff that comes off is much like exfoliating dead skin and lets the remaining material resist dust and the like. Do it slowly and be patient.

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