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M-1 Garand for sale On sale now!

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:FlagAm: Match quality rifle for sale. Original Springfield receiver in the eight hundred thousand range S/N. This rifle has all of the proper amenities.

National Match sights with .062 front blade

National Match OP rod

Blue printed gas cylinder

Premium Douglas air gauged, match quality barrel, 1-10 twist rate to best stabilize 147 grain to 168 grain bullet weights

Fajen laminated stock

Stock is glass bedded to action

Machined trigger group with action job, two stage trigger with crisp, no take up break

Free floated front end from butt stock

Bolt has been head spaced to barrel

Nice, clean re-parkerized with clean metal, no pits of any kind

Hand fitted internals



This rifle is extremely tight, completely reliable in function and unbelievably true to the target

Less than five hundred rounds down the barrel using IMR4895 and Sierra 168 grain hollow point boat tail bullets

Proper barrel break in was strictly performed


An issue G-I butt plate can be included if desired by purchaser

Price drop to $1.400.00

Asking price is $1,550.00 shipped from me to who you need it sent to. As always, if you have any questions or would like to present an offer, please feel free to P.M. me.

Thank you for looking and any consideration given.


Chas B. Wolfson















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Bump for a beautiful rifle. If I had the money, I would jump at that one, but I'd have to sell a trap gun to afford it.

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Who built this rifle?



:FlagAm: This particular rifle was crafted by a retired U.S. Army master armorer who is now deceased. This same craftsman spent many years making sure that when a sniper, including myself, pulled the trigger, and we did our job, the rifle did what it was built to do. In the five and one half years of serving my country in that role, the two M-14 rifles and the two M-21 rifles he built for me never malfunctioned and were capable of hitting their mark out past one thousand meters. Which I might add, these rifles did so numerous times.

I have had Derrick Martin go over this rifle after the initial break in was performed. Derrick is recognized world wide as a master match rifle builder who is a man of very few words. His summary of this rifle was that there was nothing left to do except a rear lug and the workmanship performed was on par to his own.

I might add that I own over thirty variations of the M-1 rifle and I have never seen on paper the need for the rear lug to be welded onto the receiver of a match grade rifle if the workmanship in building that match rifle is performed at the standard by which men like Derrick and the good friend of mine who built this rifle live and work by.


Chas B. Wolfson

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:FlagAm: Back up for an extremely nice and accurate rifle. I would entertain trade options including a .357 '73, a nice pair of shooters in .357, 44WCF or 32-20. Or if you believe I am out of line in pricing this rifle, P.M. me with an offer. The worst that can happen is I made a new friend.

All for now,

Chas B. :D

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