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Marlin value


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in the .45 caliber, 20 Cowboy, I've seen these anywhere from $500 to $700 USED.


The one for $500 was in perfect condition with very smooth action work already in it.


I've seen a couple NEW Cowboys in 20" and 24" priced at $800.




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Ok thanks. I know a dealer whom has one and he said around $800. I've been thinking about offering $750 if I can come up with the money. But I don't think he really wants to sell it so I my not have a shot at it.

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Hmmmm...I just sold a brand new 1894 .357 for $550...


Guess I should be gouging...


Don't buy now and wait a bit 'till Marlin gets 'em in the distribution channel.




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Two models are being discussed.

1. the 1894 cowcoy is a 20 or 24 inch octigan barrel. These can be found for $500 up used and around $800 new. A new one then needs a 100-150 action job done by a gunsmith to be acceptable to use and reliable.

2. the 1894carbine which is usually a 18 1/2 inch round barrel. These can be found for $350 up used and are the ones Cabellas etc sells new for around $550. They would also need the 100-150 action job.

3. the 1894 CB Classic was only available in 38 spec. It was a fancier gun with color cased reciever and checkered wood. They were available in 20 or 24 inch octigan barrel. They show up used and new in box ocassionally for $800 and up. This is a beautiful gun and has started to become a collectors item.


I hope this helps clear the air on Marlin Models.


There are several very desireable aftermarket variations on the 1894. Spur has short-stroked and slicked up some and they are the gun that Deuce Stevens has used to set all the world records for lever action rifle--10 shots in 1.7 seconds. Jimmy Spur also does Marlin slick ups but they are not short stroked. Spur has retired, so only the used market is available on these. Very rare to find one for sale. Widdowmaker Hill is doing a mod called the Widdowmajic which is recieving great reviews. Long Hunter does some very good action jobs and has modified guns for sale at some times saving the shipping and mod time after you find one. Additionally there are some local gunsmith who are very good on Marlins. We have Hogleg Smith in our area.


Your mileage may vary



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