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Wolfgang, SASS #53480

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So . . the Delorian Time Machine is gone . . .



. . . and we get THIS ?


Microfinance Empowers

Join us in enabling the poorest of the poor to improve their own lives




HuH . . . . whut's that got to do with Old West Shooting ?

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DeLorean is at the bottom of the page.

If the ads keep dues from increasing, I can live with 'em.


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Come on over to the Saloon. Nobody over there has their panties in a knot.


Of course, we ain't solving the problems of the world or correcting all the faults in SASS either.

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Nope, we Saloonatics are just spouting fun and senseless drivel, and dang proud of it!


Would have been nice to have the courtesy of a little advance notice, but I imagine it opens up a nice little revenue stream. Might even be a way to help finance the Cowboy Memorial Chapel at Founders Ranch.



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