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  1. Vigilantism was popular in the Old West for a variety of reasons. One town took down their favorite hanging structure when several boys doing the copycat thing hung some dogs. That said, I wouldn't mind a little homespun justice.
  2. I was going to mention the anti-theft device.
  3. Check for specs that appeal to you such as processor speed and RAM. I like the SSD storage, not a fan of the cloud.
  4. I understand the tree guy was let out and was watching the new one go up.
  5. I thought this would be about a dog.
  6. I watched someone do several at a buffet a couple of years ago. He stood it on end and sliced the sides off, working his way to the ends. Once peeled, he sliced it up pretty quickly.
  7. I've used Libre Office for several years now and like it. I used to use MS Office, but I got tired of expensive upgrades or the rental version.
  8. A 629 would be more comfortable to shoot full power loads.
  9. Hey, that's part of my charm.
  10. I get Paramount + through Hulu+ Live. I have 1883 marked on my calendar. Folks adopted streaming when cable and satellite companies got too greedy. I dropped cable TV due to price. Many people I know have bills of $200 or more per month. I also know folks who don't own a TV. There are multiple streaming options that are low or no cost.
  11. It affected my balance for a couple of days. I was starting to freak out a bit, but it went away.
  12. It looks like two of them couldn't swim and sunk!
  13. Yep, it's coming. The swamp cooler was winterized yesterday and I got the furnace going today for a trial run. It's 47 outside right now. Brrrr.
  14. I'm unlikely to be there in the first place. I don't live in a blue city or go into high end stores. Now if they came down on a Home Depot or drug store where I live, I'd get the heck out of the way. The bad guys might even find themselves in a "Northfield" type situation.
  15. I have a pair of Charles Daly labeled Piettas and love them. I like them fine out of the box.
  16. I paid $77 to fill my Nissan yesterday in Phoenix. I think DC has more than enough gas(bags) for us all.
  17. You get what you pay for. Budget movie Inexperienced (read cut-rate) armorer Over the hill actor, producer Inexperienced staff No or improper gun safety
  18. Better to remain silent and believed stupid than speak and remove all doubt.
  19. Hard to tell. Most of my brass is 15-18 years old. I don't have system to note how often each piece has been reloaded and I sometimes swap brass inadvertently with others at matches. You know, pick up others while not getting all my brass back. As a side note, I think my Schofield brass is most often split over all others. IMO due to large pistol chambers. I'd rather cry over gas price increases, primer prices and availability or general inflation than losing the occasional split brass.
  20. This is a lucky outcome, most are not and it should stop.
  21. My mama taught me not to steal. That saying, I would think one or two shots would be plenty.
  22. I roll crimp with the Lee FCD and have not looked back. Even if I have a crimp groove, the crimp may not be in the groove depending on the firearm it's for.
  23. Shooter ready! Let her buck! Let 'er rip tater chip! What's the line?
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