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  1. Howdy, Once again this topic has started a string of thoughts. Hear is a thought, this sport needs new life blood, it is not a cheap sport. We have to have guns for this or that then it closes the sport off. Another thought, I have been in this sport for a lot of years and have seen many changes. I shoot BP and Frontiersman and have for many years. I love to see folks come to the Black side to enjoy the smoke. Why not let more come into the fun. What is the harm of letting folks use the equipment they may have instead of having to buy all new guns? The last time I brought this topic up you would have thought I had had relations with folks wives. This is a Fantasy sport we even have Steam Punk in the sport. I am just trying to get more folks to our sport so it does not fade away when we do. Our average age is getting to be deceased so some changes need to be made. I have had my thoughts and it was only to get some folks thinking. There is nothing personal so calm down and think about the sport not you own personal desires. I have loved this sport from the beginning and will to the end. Health reasons limit my shooting now but I still want to see Cowboy and Cowgirls shooting this sport. Enjoy it while you can and HAVE FUN!
  2. Howdy, Been away for a while but I still want to see changes made to the Black Powder class gun requirement to include the adjustable site pistols. A decision was a long time ago that there was no advantage between the fixed and adjustable sights, so what is the problem. Why can't black hawks be used in the BP categories? In Frontiersman you can now use different hammers in the Old Armies so why can't the adjustable site Old Armies be used in the class. So gather the mob and string me up for this topic, I have tried for a long time to get this corrected but it never seems to go anywhere. Allow adjustable sights in all BP categories.
  3. Howdy,

    You bet and looking forwrd to it....

  4. Hey Star, are we gonna see ya at Bordertown?

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