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  1. Keep it up, guys. First it was toilet paper, and hand sanitizer, and now we are working on tin foil. Will it never end?
  2. Mountain lions are regular visitors in Western Washington. A few years back they had one over near Magnolia that had been seen several times over a short time period. That was on Puget Sound in the middle of Seattle. The more people move into the wilds and establish neighborhoods, villages, and cities, the animals are pushed into the Urban area. We saw that with coyotes, Bears, Cougers, and Wolves. Two things I do know. First of all, critters gotta eat. Second, little domestic critters seem to make a nice snack for wild critters. I am not quite certain how people
  3. All I could find was a big lump of coal. My wife said if I sat on it long enough it would turn into a diamond and then she could wear it.
  4. My wife and I still chuckle when we discuss our Christmas. Circa 1963, we were living in Detroit. My in-laws lived about a mile from us. The program was that we took turns helping Santa with the shopping, and Grandma and Grandpa were willing co-conspitors. Comes Christmas eve. Girls are charged with excitement. After several failed attempts, we finaly got them settled down and in bed. Sleep took a little longer, but father time took over and they went to sleep from sheer exhaustion. I grabbed the car keys and headed over to get the loot. When I got home we quietly put the gifts under the tree.
  5. I have to agree with that. We have had 60 years of introduction to debit spending thanks credit cards. So now the public sees how the goverment does it and thinks that they will never have to repay all of those dollars. But alas their children will.
  6. Dapper, Utah Bob! Now you need a pocket watch and chain.
  7. George captured the character best of all in my opinion.
  8. HO HO HO, have another cup of good cheer. Nice picture of Christmas. Merry Christmas.
  9. My wife and I got our normal flu shot a couple of months ago. That evening I noticed a soreness in my arm. When I looked my vaccination for Diptheria scar was lit up like Rodolph's nose. Two days later everything was back to normal. My wife had no symptons.
  10. Don't forget the weapons. They probably are not registered and valuable.
  11. As a young man I worked in a bank. I was sometimes surrounded in cash, low demonation used bills, all neatly packaged 100 bills to a pack. I was impressed by the volume. But thoughts of my parents, my wife and daughters at home and I never considered taking any of it. I was never wealthy in $$$s, but I have always been wealthy in life.
  12. And this shows up when people are hoarding toilet paper. What could go wrong?
  13. I just noticed that Sixgun's rifles are nearly the same length. I have little to no experience with the M1 Carbine. I watched an NCO demonstrate how to disassemble and assemble it, and later shook the hand of a fellow that had used one in Korea. HUH!
  14. Arrived today. Kimber Rapid Black Ice 10mm on the cover. Inside articles on 1) Kimber above. 2) Wilson's combat Southpaw Protector AR in .300 Ham'r. 3) Rise of 9mm M1911. 4) AN/M2 .50 Cal Machine gunin WW II. Page II 5) Questions and answers. 6) Handloads (30-06 loads) Reduced recoil. 7) Dope Bag. T/C LLR 6.5mm Creedmore, Benelli 828 U Sport 12 GA., and Rock Island Armory BBR 3.10 .45 ACP pistol 8) I have this Old gun Remington 1875 Improved
  15. Story time When I was stationed in Gablingen Kaserne, back in 1959, my Squad Leader's TOE was an M1 Garand. Typical GI rifle. Few nicks and bruises on the stock. But this particular rifle had some nice finish on the rifle's metal. So each evening he would disassmble it and and place the wood close to the radiator in the room. After mess, he would take the warm stock and work it with linseed oil. He also raised the dents and sanded and oiled the wood. After a few weeks of this it looked like it was just off the Springfield, Massachusetts show room floor. We had some ki
  16. Who we trying to kid. Just about anything is better than lutefisk.
  17. Those would be the Rice Krispies ones, Hardpan. Kellog gets a piece of their non action.
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