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  1. I can think of better, but since I am not going to ever eat there, I guess I don't give a rat's behind.
  2. A sad situation for sure. Different times, different standards.
  3. Given Utah Bob's thread about 2020 keeps on giving, the subject of solar energy parks prompts me to wonder if anybody has looked at a picture of USA from space to see the light shadow at night? I can not imagine how much land would be required to supply that much energy using only solar power and/or wind then there is all of the other stuff besides lights. Things like running automobile chargers, home appliances, heating systems, etc. The list goes on. Take that much land out of production, along with the increase in population and consumption, what are they planning on eating?
  4. Oh, I don't know. Probably over 75%, maybe?
  5. Without getting political, it causes me to wonder with all the gun sales in the last 8 years, and the number of folks that own guns, why would they want restrictions? In light of the present circumstances. I guess I just don't or need to understand.
  6. Given the latest series of events, I am wondering if the firearms culture might be reduced to bartering components for reloading.
  7. When my daughters started to have young men calling, I always managed to be "cleaning" my shotgun when they arrived. I am not right certain if they were trying to score points with me, or had a genuine interest in firearms, but they spent more time talking to me than they did to my daughters. The daughters would always cry to Momma after they left.
  8. I carry my 1960's rotary phone. But then again, I have BIG POCKETS, but not necessarly deep pockets.
  9. Me too. Hope there is more gravy tho.
  10. Render to caesar what is caesar's, and to God what is God's.
  11. Suggest you go over to the Marlin Owners website and look at the posting on their site. I believe they have an .444 owners section these guys are, for the most part, avid Marlin owners. They usually publish the straight skinny.
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