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  1. To the worlds Most expensive Uber
  2. I agree and western "rules of war", the media and general American Public are to weak and upset to do what needs to be done like VN the Media will only condemn you for shooting that 12 year old little angel but wont tell anyone that he just blew up 3 soldiers with a RPG .
  3. LOL , I sit back and while I agree with alot of the sentiment , Where have Americans in general been for the last 60 years ? Dont sit and say you now declare war , that you wont or havent fought against Muslim terror groups. Hamas is one of many groups, Hezbollah, AQ , Taliban, ISIL , ISIS, Ansar al-Sharia pick one When we went fighting and did what you now approve of you now called it war crimes
  4. Jakes for Burgers and such https://www.yelp.com/biz/jakes-texas-tea-house-waco Me, I would be at L&L Hawaiian
  5. Copy Cats http://www.firearmsinsider.tv/gun-gear-reviews/bacon-grease-gun-lube
  6. Ever driven one ? I did once years ago My Boss had a Superbird and heard of one for sale we closed up the Parts store he owned and went to look at it he bought it and drove it home I got to drive the Superbird later he let me drive the Thunderbolt to get his truck
  7. I will tell you we have Tier1 and SF on ground right now . other units have been given 10-14 days and told 5-10 months .
  8. The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas has called on the Palestinian people, the Arab and Muslim nations, and the free peoples of the world to participate in the Al-Aqsa Flood Friday. In light of the historical achievement made by the Palestinian resistance against the Israeli occupation, the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas states the following: First: We call on the Arab and Muslim world and the free peoples of the world to attend the Al-Aqsa Flood event on Friday in order to voice solidarity with the Palestinian people and resistance, expose the Israeli occupation's crimes and foil its aggressive schemes, and defend the Al-Aqsa Mosque, the Muslims' first Qibla and third holiest site. Second: We call on the Palestinian citizens of the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem to take part in mass protests against the Israeli occupation and colonial settlers everywhere. Third: We call on the Palestinian citizens of the Palestinian territories occupied in 1948 to intensify their presence at the Al-Aqsa Mosque in order to preserve its Islamic identity, prevent Israeli colonial settlers from desecrating it, and foil the Israeli schemes aimed at dividing and Judaizing the Muslim holy site. Fourth: We call on the Arab and Muslim peoples and the Palestinians everywhere, particularly in refugee camps abroad and in diaspora, to march towards the borders of occupied Palestine in solidarity with Palestine, Jerusalem, and the Al-Aqsa Mosque. Fifth: We call on the free peoples of the world to express solidarity with the Palestinian people and endorse their just cause and their legitimate rights to freedom, independence, return, and self-determination. Hamas movement Tuesday, 10 October 2023 https://hamas.ps/en/post/4978/Hamas-calls-for-mass-participation-in-Al-Aqsa-Flood-Friday
  9. Here I was thinking well Thunderbolt would win Thunderbolt Mustang
  10. CCW permit in SD which has Constitutional carry . Permit itself now costs zero. I could upgrade to a enhanced CCW which does nothing more really expect I have to pay extra for a class for a "expert" to explain basics to me, when my training far exceeds the instructor . We have no military clause as a substitute . A basic CCW does what I like it to do, It is a auto good to go on the NICS 4473 no delay, fill it out, show card and head home. Just renewed mine 90 days prior and good for 4 years .
  11. You are applying Western logic to a group that Martyrs anyone for Allah, You cant apply such logic to a group that would gut your grandkid in front of you . I spent years in the Middle East working with much better intel and closer than that local news channel you get. You can not discuss peace with those that want you exterminated , period they talk like the Crusades happened last week . They were the aggressors meaning to wipe out a entire group this is not limited to just Israel. The only way to deal with Violence is overwhelming violence . It's easy to say from your recliner to lets try peace this has been planned for years , Lets back that date up a bit in recent history the 80's Beirut 241 "peacekeepers" with a ROA of calling in for permission to cut the lead wire seal on ammo pouch insert magazine and return fire only after receiving 5 concentrated rounds of fire on your team( I will post my ROA card here in a few days ) Its also funny how on the world wide terrorist list the top 21 (?) worldwide are redacted from the same USA list .
  12. I understand what you say But ask any soldier and they will refer to the new one as OCP not ACU which was officially called the Universal Camo Pattern which was used by no one .
  13. Co- witness or you also can add 45 degree mounted sights to your firearm , for close ranges I follow the point and click method as most times if you need to use this you dont have time to gain a sight picture . I will dig up a video that explains it better than i can , but basically how you grip the hand guard (one finger forward towards target) where your finger points is general area that bullet will impact and click the trigger .
  14. They ditched the actual ACU pattern and well good riddance thee FR ACU (fire resistant ) was garbage I went through a pair of trousers in exactly one day . The current pattern is OCP Operational Camouflage Pattern
  15. Fresh info in from my former Targeter and anyone that feels we need to allow Hamas to survive and continue as a terrorist group can join them , As of this morning they have found appx 40 infants dead from Hama all decapitated . Now ask me how I really feel about Hamas
  16. Sept of this year so last month , and Yes Iran pulls the strings on many Hezbollah and Hamas leadership . they have since the 80's . I have spent 40 years in this game (damn its been a long time , getting to old for this BS) This didnt happen overnight. they have trained and planned while we go to starbucks and laugh at the ladyboy barista .
  17. I find myself conflicted personally on this , First I really feel for the bystanders in this . But should we send send troops and money , first ask did they support us in war ? If they didnt send troops or cash then NO period ! But I watch a Muslim protestors in Sydney Aus. shout "gas the jews" while you actively prosecute men for "war crimes " by those that were not there , fighting those that nothing to them is considered a "war crime " I have been shot at by kids and women that a hour before were "civilians " Do I blame them , no not really I would do the same if we had another countries military here in USA. But shoot them or bomb them then I am the bad guy ??? The true believers dont care about some written law as they have proven time and again But I hate the Hypocrisy of the USA that all other countries borders matter but allow ours to be a open flood gate . Edit for background , I have already had my dealings with Hamas and Hezbollah (Beirut 83 ) we had Israeli forces helping us however when they pulled out we sat and watched forces come down the hills at night. After the barracks was bombed we wanted payback and higher ups said no . We could have eradicated the whole group , we should have . Fast forward to Iraq and Afghanistan , You cant play nice with Daesh they follow no " law of war" you cant play nice with those that in order to kill you will , kill their own infant , gut it and stuff it with explosives , put it in a car seat and try to drive through your checkpoint , they dont value life they way we do and never will .
  18. Well Congrats, as far as Buying my coffee , thats a pretty bold statement I go through some coffee .
  19. Well add this to the fire, many of the weapons that Hamas is using came from the gold ole USA pull out in Afghanistan and funded indirectly by the 6 billion Biden just donated to Iran (which funds Hamas)for prisoners .
  20. Correct , and with open border . A Former CIA Targeter I know has confirmation that known terrorist have crossed our border including a couple that were players in Benghazi attack
  21. I have a much faster way to build that wall It does require a few m240's barking though . Zuck didnt like that Idea and I cant comment for another 24 hours, on IG LOL stack them high
  22. That works with this also tomorrow Nationally NATIONAL BODY LANGUAGE DAY During the first Friday in October, National Body Language Day recognizes the significance of nonverbal communication in your life. These are the silent messages you don't realize you're sending in your interactions with others. From a smile to a shoulder shrug, your body is revealing your emotions and thoughts. I Have some body language for some
  23. Just those that voted for him no big deal
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