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  1. Hold my beer I got one for you
  2. 1930 Steam Line KJ Henderson motorcycle
  3. The one I won in a rodeo , wore the next rodeo that had a edge clipped on it from a bull hoof , reshaped many times at a Local good western store (bought out and ruined by Boot barn ). They would just see me walk in and step aside at the steamer and usually asked me to shape a couple for them while I was there. But good ole Military Movers lost that one loved that hat and lots of memories with it .
  4. Congrats On the assignment , Although I kind of liked Sill, Lots of History there . When I came back in they had the old hospital where Geronimo died as our barracks Sheridan house ect. Ironically that was also my last Army duty station . Better stop up at Meer's for a burger before you go .
  5. I stick with my Resistol Black Golds 20x and even they are 450 ish now but Greeley hat works sells many
  6. This should get us back to a few more choices You Shook Me All Night Long
  7. And that leads into a deployment song one of those that played on a 12 hour convoy escort My Sacrifice
  8. I agree , and Costner is worse we ran him out of SD , and his little lib Girlfriend on Yellowstone isnt acting .
  9. It was good, I thought Have seen Tim and Faith in a few and they really do pretty decent . but wont spoil it for you so will leave it at that .
  10. UPS operates in a different time dimension . Had a 2 Day air package That took 5 days and that was " a day early "
  11. Fun Fact that April Fools day is also @Alpo Birthday
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