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  1. Where the hell does she put it? She's 125lbs! Absolutely amazing what she can put away.....its Monday morning here and she's made me damn hungry!!!!!!
  2. Now Cairns folk because of the interminable heat, they've all gone troppo and boy.....do THEY know how to drink!
  3. She'd be fun to date, you'd be broke on the first night out!!!!!
  4. Clydesdale is on the short side, but Stovepipe (the tall 16 year old) and his old man Brother Red are biguns.
  5. As @Cypress Sun mentioned, just trying to keep it clean in the Saloon (which is hard for an Aussie).
  6. No, just local artists from the different towns Eyesa. I've seen one getting painted once, the artist was up pretty high in a cherry picker.
  7. Darl short for 'Darlin' which is short for 'Darling'. You've never had a bundy & coke???? Or better yet buy and mix your own -
  8. I really look forward to each new one Charlie.
  9. My wife and I are going to have to get on a plane one day!
  10. Just a few Cowboys and one Cowgirl at yesterdays shoot, its blinkin' hot down here and will be glad when Autumn starts to kick in!
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