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  1. This was the surfboard that so many Aussie kids caught their first wave on at the beach back in the day -
  2. Cheers and beers one and all....hope you all had a wonderful NYE....but more importantly let's have a safe and healthy 2023.
  3. Just coming up to 9 hours from 2023 down here..... wishing one and all a Safe, Prosperous and Healthy New Year....you're a great crew.
  4. Bacon & egg roll for late breakfast and fish & chips for lunch and burger with the lot for dinner.....to soak up the NYE alcohol.
  5. Cassette tapes had a side A and a side B so it is only logical that their successor would be a CD.
  6. How do you spot a blind man at a nudist beach? It's not hard.
  7. Five 20 Round M1 Carbine Magazines (WW2 Era) https://www.gunsamerica.com/926437140/Five-20-Round-M1-Carbine-Magazines-WW2-Er.htm
  8. Original Rare WWII 10 Round Magazine for M1 Carbine Rifle https://www.ebay.com/itm/255872392719?hash=item3b932ede0f:g:Fc8AAOSwPARjlPHW
  9. Does she know the correct Aussie way of eating them? Nip a corner off two diagonal ends with your teeth and then put one end in a glass of milk and suck the milk up through the other nipped off end.....then eat.....heaven !!!!
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