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  1. I do like Joe Picket.....I just wish his sack was a little larger.
  2. Yes Dave....I think its hopeless mate. https://www.fireants.org.au/home/about-us/about-the-program
  3. @Brazos John Down here an aluminium boat (runabout size) is ubiquitously known as a 'tinny' and those are croc tracks leading down to it
  4. G'day all, Brand new Lee .44-40 dies just opened, just wondering what this hole is for?
  5. LOL......could you imagine the hate you'd get from PETA types wearing them !!!!!
  6. Must be a condition for that range that lead splatter needs to be contained. Most ranges don't need it contained.
  7. NIOA are the Australian company who recently bought Barrett Firearms Company.
  8. Australian - NIOA TV - Cowboy Action Shoot / SPECIAL FEATURE
  9. Oh no that sounds horrible hope you're feeling better. How long did it take for a doc to diagnose?
  10. Wow that's nearly half the population of the WHOLE of Australia!
  11. Melbourne Postmen riding their Penny Farthings with training wheels on, Circa 1880 (with training wheels ???)
  12. Pretty sure its not sold here anymore Alpo.
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