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  1. Yes, it's .38 Special. My husband tells me you already PMed him. Thank you SO MUCH!!!
  2. This would be the BEST plan IF we had any extra brass. However we're new, VERY new, and only have enough brass for the two of us to shoot ONE match with about 6-8 extras.
  3. I hope you will consider selling to those people who are new to CAS to help give them the opportunity to get started instead of the vendors who buy, markup, and resell or to the hoarders.
  4. Google says just over three and a half hours! I'll send you a PM.
  5. I am very new here. SASS #110754. Did you even know the numbers went that high? My husband, Fretless, and I have been visiting matches all around, within a three and a half hour drive from home, for about three months now. We joined SASS and paid dues to join our local club. As of Saturday, we have now shot two matches and we're definitely hooked. We could not have done that without a lot of help and generosity of several Cowboys who have loaned us guns, ammo, leather, carts, and sold us ammo. We have been purchasing firearms, and even reloading equipment, as we can and the quote
  6. I wish we lived closer. We're new and need everything to get started, but eight hours each way is quite a drive.
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