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  1. I dearly love Fast Eddie. I'm sorry to hear about your accident and your car, however I'm thrilled to know y'all are ok. Big hugs to all of you and to Fast Eddie too. ♥️
  2. Wow! Are you just a miserable, mean person? Bless your heart. I do not know how he knew it was reported stolen. But I do know that when the police officer arrived, she looked it up through NCIS on her phone and was able to tell me exactly when and where it was reported stolen. And then she looked up the other number on the gun and discovered that it had also been reported stolen at a different time in a different state.
  3. I have not. I requested a refund in writing like Garrison Joe suggested above and I received a response from the gun shop owner a few minutes ago. He has assured me that I will not be out anything on this and will end up with either the gun or a refund. He has requested some more information and some time to work with ATF and law enforcement. This seems reasonable to me. I'm not thrilled about waiting, but it's the right thing to do at this point. I'll let y'all know how this works out in the end. Thanks for all of your support and advice.
  4. I really wish that was the case. Instead, I've had a really terrible horrible no good very bad day..... and even cried a little.
  5. I never had possession of the revolver and I purchased it from a well known, supposedly reputable, gun shop. And yes, I have been properly chastised and now understand that just because it was manufactured in the early 1950s and would be an antique by any other standards, it is NOT an antique firearm. So y'all can stop sending me PMs telling me that.
  6. Yes. Under the butt. I didn't start this thread to have a lively debate about databases and serial numbers. I was just looking for some advice about what options I may have and suggestions of what I should do next.
  7. Yes. I saw both serial numbers myself. One on the backstrap and one on the frame when you open the cylinder just above the pivot.
  8. The hypothetical gun in question is a Smith and Wesson model 37 J Frame Airweight known as the Chief's Special. 217575 reported stolen in Michigan in 1967 47639 reported stolen in North Carolina in 1991 I don't know the answer to your question about the database, but both the gun shop and the police were able to give me the above information.
  9. Let's say you hypothetically (ahem!) bought an antique revolver from a reputable and well known gun shop while you were visiting another state. That gun shop shipped it to your regular FFL. Then, when you went to pick it up, while you were waiting for the routine background check, he informs you that: 1. The gun actually has two serial numbers on it and they don't match, 2. Each of the numbers was reported as stolen in a different state in different years, 24 years apart, and 3. He has called the police and they are on their way. The police then, hypothetically, proceed to confiscate your new
  10. Is there another email address besides the one listed on the website? I've sent three emails since early June and haven't gotten a response.
  11. Yes. I believe I have fallen into a deep rabbit hole here and I can't possibly see the bottom at this time. I'm only at the place of trying to learn how to load black powder cartridges. I have so much to study and learn: trickle tube, cardboard wads, lubricated wads, lubing bullets, compressing the powder, determining perfect oal, goex vs swiss, and more and more.
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