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  1. ...... and, now a High Wall might be a possibility. Hmmmmm Let the contemplation begin........
  2. Thanks for all the good information both here and through PM. I'm thinking real hard about buying the one posted above by Randy Archer.
  3. Thank y'all for all of the good advice. I would love to find an 1885 highwall if I can. I know it would be more gold so I don't know if I can manage it or not.
  4. Fast Eddie says I need an H&R Handi Rifle chambered in 38-55 to get started in Long Range side matches. I'd rather get it from one of y'all than on Gun Broker. Who can help a girl out here???
  5. Fretless and Fox Creek Stitcher got in just under the wire!! Looking forward to shooting with y'all this weekend!!!
  6. FALSE NEWS!!!!!!!!!!! We ARE shooting on Sunday at Moonshine even though it's Easter!!!!!!!!! https://www.facebook.com/groups/480098196200672/?ref=share See you there!!!! Stitcher
  7. Maybe just one. ♥️ Thanks!! We can't come to Iredell this month, but will hopefully be there next month.
  8. Yes, it's .38 Special. My husband tells me you already PMed him. Thank you SO MUCH!!!
  9. This would be the BEST plan IF we had any extra brass. However we're new, VERY new, and only have enough brass for the two of us to shoot ONE match with about 6-8 extras.
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