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  1. Trigger is nice is an understatement LOL
  2. The post was about starting my exploration into some 22s for this sport and that I found a great smith in Eric Slater for Henry 22s for pistols, I got Wranglers and installed some Wolf springs today. That made a big difference as well b
  3. Well as many, I too explored and have gotten some 22LR options. For the rifle, I went with a Henry Golden Boy. Researching posts here, I got in touch with Widden. He put me in touch with Eric Slater. Well just got back the rifle and though I have zero range time yet (other than about 5 rounds), I am saying WOW! Can’t wait till practice next week. It will get its 1st match a week from tomorrow.
  4. It’s been over a month, but the wound is still fresh and raw. We had to put down 1 of our dogs (unrecoverable heart issue). True to form, Tucker remained silly and smiling till the end. pics of his last day.
  5. Still looking for a CAS gunsmith recommendation for the Wranglers.
  6. So in a nutshell: Needing some Cowboy love on these things to slick and lighten them up: Offer names and contact methods for work on: Henry Golden Boy 22 Ruger Wrangler I already saved one for the Henry, but he can't seem to receive messages.
  7. Tried sending a message and said you can't receive them. mapatton@mancard.com Cottonmouth Mark
  8. Well decision made and paid for. 2 Wranglers and a Golden Boy. I’ll pick them up next Friday. the inserts are an idea, but my Running irons are 38/357 and didn’t work
  9. I think this will be the direction I head. The Stallions are seem to be 5.5 or longer bbls. Looking for more 4 3/4.
  10. Update, the place I located the Ranch Hands at is a scam. no money sent/lost. The local Stallions I thought were 349 are 499. I think I am shelving this idea for now. Then again maybe not.
  11. Actually found a good price on a couple Ranch Hands that claim are in stock. Haven’t dealt with these people before, and so far it’s not great and I may pull back the order (feels a touch fishy). If so, I have 2 Stallions local to me.
  12. Not sure I understand the Q of Is it 7/8 or 3/4? The Ranch Hand is full size (Cattleman frame). Just checked the weight .4 lbs more each for the Ranch Hand over the Stallion. That's just under a lb for 2. What common things weigh a pound? a pair of mens leather gloves a loaf of bread And I searched again and cannot find any spring kits for the Stallion. Actually the 1st return was a post here that a guy was selling his Wolff springs as they wouldn't work in his Stallion.
  13. Also for a rifle considering a Chiappa deluxe. The Wranglers don't fit well in my leather, and I've read not much you can do to lighten pull and slick them up.
  14. Hello everyone, I am investigating some 22LR counterparts to my rifle and revolvers. Current are both Taylors with a 73 rifle and short stroked Running Irons. For the 22LR counterparts; Revolvers: Looking at the Taylor Ranch Hand. The plus for this is it uses the same Cattleman frame so my current leather will work. You can also use the same springs as in my Running Irons, and in fact, I could replace the hammers with Running Iron hammers (lower and wider). Thoughts? I tried some of the 7/8 sized offerings. While my leather would work, I shouldn't g
  15. Avocado oil. Works better than canola or olive and has a significantly higher smoke temp. (IE other oils smoke off at lower temps). Ask me, I bought a Blackstone griddle 7 weeks ago and already have 20+ cooks on it.
  16. Locktite blue it is tomorrow. I think the random binding I’m feeling after 50-100 rounds is that loosening up and letting the cylinder pin walk a little
  17. Stupid question. I have Uberti SAA clones. The cross pin(?) that holds the cylinder pin/axle keeps coming loose. Is this OK to Loctite Blue?
  18. Looking for a gunsmith to slick up my (non SASS) CZ bobwhite sxs 28 ga shotgun. The smith I know doesn’t work on Bobwhites. Anyone know of anyone?
  19. Talking of dogs, one of mine, a loveable 90lb nose of a mutt, had some heart issues last month (to the tune of enough money to buy a whole SASS setup including leather). Well he went into distress again last night. Took him to the vet, and they upped the medicine dosage. I love this dog (though he loves my wife more than I). Going to spend more time with him as I don't know how much is left.
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