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  1. Wow Tyrel, This is what I use to load all my and Sapphire Rose's shotgun with great loader in my opinion. I have loaded around 8 to 10,000 rounds so far. Good luck on the sale. I actually have a spare 1 of these. Sweet loader.
  2. I have all 3 and the 100 and 150 are both in the blue finish with the 150 having scroll work and beavertail forend like the 200 where the 200 has a nickel finish and split extractors along with the afore mentioned forearm. When new they all came with either a 26 or 28 inch barrel, however, there were some with 30 inch barrels or so I have have heard. I prefer my 100's over the others all of them have Fast Eddie work done on them and all shoot really well. i just prefer the 100's for cowboy.
  3. I use tight group for my shotgun loads and had to create my own recipe. I use AA hulls or whatever hulls work in my Dillon sl 900 shotgun loader. I shoot 7/8ths oz of #7 1/2 or #8 shot and I use 13 grains of Titegroup It chronos around 960-980 fps which is the exact same as the Winchester AA factory loads I modeled them after. I use Either Winchester 209, Cheddite 209. Clay Buster CB-0178-12 Grey in color with 4 petals
  4. BTT this is a great shotgun. I have run it a time or 2 smooth action fast double trigger shotgun but I am shotgun poor or I would own it. No I will not trade you one of my SKB's :-)
  5. hopefully you can view this so you can see how the powders and loads work for me that you had questions about. This is from back in February it was COLD that day, So this also lets you know these loads aren't weather sensitive.


    1. Forest Shadow, SASS #40625

      Forest Shadow, SASS #40625

      Thanks for the video.  Love to watch folks shoot, especially if they shoot well.  Also, nice to see how the stage is set up.  Like to see how it is done at other places.  Really appreciate the help on the loads.  I'll have to see how it works on my MEC and see if I will have to make adjustments to get the correct powder load.  

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