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  1. A bit too vague. Is it bigger than a bread-box?
  2. So is "Stovetop Stuffing" Mix really stovetop dressing?
  3. What a mess. Hard to believe SASS can't do better than this - or at least go back to the prior website that actually worked pretty well.
  4. I'm still experiencing great difficulty in using this site. 1. I try to access the Saloon URL. 2. I get the "This Site Not Working error 500" error msg. 3. I clear my browser history and clear all tabs, and try again. --- OK, I'm now in the Saloon forum. 4. I read a post and want to respond, but I get the login screen with the idiotic captcha riddles. 5. So I go up to the top drop- down menu and login as an "existing user" --I input my email and password. 6. Now I can finally post a comment. 7. Then I hit the "back" button to go back to the site to read all other posts. 8. I get error 500 again. So I return to step 3 and repeat the whole process again -- after every single attempt to post. You folks are great to communicate with, but this new website c#@p is becoming very cumbersome and wearing. I wish the site Administrators could get their new site working properly, but responsiveness hasn't been their Forte the last few years. Looking across at the SASS Wire, all of the posts there are about I.T. related problems with the site. Still the Admins tell us the problems are at our end. Not helpful.
  5. Hard to feel sorry for a snake ---- BUT ! And the poor dog !!!
  6. The last year before I retired in 2009, one of my supervisory employees came into my office and asked me, "Dale, you're an insect guy how can I get rid of ticks in my yard and house?" I asked a few questions. He said he had thousands of ticks all over his back yard that were all over his dogs by the hundreds. His wife and daughter had moved out to her mother's home until the ticks were eradicated. I asked him to bring in a couple so we could be sure they were ticks and not a type of common wingless, biting gnat that we have in California. He returned from lunch that day with a quart Mason jar filled to the lid with common dog ticks. "OMG !!!" was my first utterance. He said he had gotten all of those just by sweeping out the aluminum base channel on his sliding patio door. I went home to his urban tract home with him for a look. The back yard lawn and walls of the house were literally a moving mass of little ticks crawling everywhere. I called an insect collecting friend who was then the County Entomologist. He hurried over and gasped when he saw the infestation. He advised my employee and all of his close neighbors to immediately contact a pest control company. He did so, and they tented and fumigated the house and yard with Vicane Termite fumigant. It apparently did the trick and killed off the huge tick biomass, eggs and all. I have never forgotten the sights of that jarfull of ticks, the house with ticks all over its exterior and interior walls, or the back lawn covered in ticks. His wife eventually moved back home, but he said she was half-paranoid and had trouble sleeping. I sympathized. We never found out the source of the nightmarish infestation.
  7. When I was in high school, back in the 60's, I went wood cutting with a friend and his dad one Sunday. To be brief here, I woke up Monday morning unable to move my arms or legs, and unable to rotate my head or speak properly. When I didn't get out of bed for school, my dad came in. He recognized the symptoms and pulled an engorged deer tick off the hairline on the back of my neck. Within about an hour I was moving normally. The ER doc gave me antibiotics and I went to school. My understanding is that there are particular tick species that have a "venom-like" material in their saliva secretions that induce paralysis. But some other species like common deer ticks also can cause paralysis symptoms and serious outcomes at particular stages in their life cycle, if they attach to nerve-enriched body sites. I'm not a tick expert, but my experience from that ordinary deer tick suggests that all ticks should be considered dangerous, due to paralysis risk, as well as a whole suite of bacterial and ricketsial diseases for which they are the principal vectors.
  8. They elected a deceased State Rep. What does that tell you? Average IQ = _____. ( fill in the blank)
  9. THANK YOU ! You TOTALLY nailed it. Life overall these days is full of computer frills that nobody ever needed (or wanted). They waste our time, cost us money and give us way more frustration than they are worth. Please take me back to BASIC, FORTRAN, DBASE, etc.
  10. Last night, I was googling back and forth, trying to find some understandable results, worrying about outcomes. Then, about 11:00 PST, I stopped to ask myself why I was so worried. I realized how little will change, regardless of who wins most of the races. Not much will change. > Jan 6 Committee MIGHT go away. > Hunter MIGHT get investigated (but DOJ under Biden would never prosecute). > The education system won't get fixed. > DOJ, FBI and NSA will keep spying on us. > Illegal border crossings won't be stopped. The realities kept coming to me, so I went to bed. This morning, after giving up all hope, I feel much better. I relaxed and returned to my daily routine. Nothing in the U.S. ever gets fixed quickly or completely.
  11. I've heard of this before. I have a hard time relating it to situations like Uvalde. Obviously folks other than the police thought there was a duty to protect. Was that just a communication failure? Was the duty to protect the kids just an issue of personal decency (missing), with no legal basis or responsibility?
  12. As I recall, military logistical secrets first dissolved away when Bush (senior) allowed imbedded reporters in military units in the Iraq war. From then on, the media has had access to much more than they ever had previously, and there don't seem to be secrets of any kind. Truth is, with all of today's surveillance tech, it might be impossible to move equipment secretly anyway.
  13. Perhaps he got fed up or just gave up trying to get connected and logged back into the Saloon with the new dysfunctional SASS website. FKCGG, if you're out there reading and trying to get back, this site can now be a PITB. You have to clear your server history and tabs just to access the Saloon forum. You have to do it every time you leave and come back. To post, if you're like me, you'll have to login again and again for every new post. The SASS staff will not respond to your email help requests sent from their "Contact us" button. It appears SASS fixed something that wasn't broken and made a mess of it. But they'll tell you the problem is "at our end" with our devices-- as if we have these troubles connecting to menu items on ANY other website's. added: I just discovered that the "prev" and "Next" buttons on these pages don't work properly any more from my Andriod.
  14. I have engraved color case hardened guns in the past. They can be cut without first annealing, but frequent tool resharpening is necessary and progress must be taken fairly slowly. Tool steel gravers are typically harder than surface hardening, and carbide and even diamond gravers are readily available. With that said, it is easiest to engrave medium-hard steel. Too soft and it raises rough micro-burrs at the edges of curved cuts. Too hard and gravers tend to skip out of the pattern. Different people prefer different methods. Annealing and recoloring is always a craps shoot. You never know what the outcome will look like, or if frames will be warped or made brittle or surface porous by the repetitive heat treating, even when done in a tightly controlled oven. Personally, I prefer to leave color case-hardened guns plain, without further embellishment. They are usually quite beautiful as they are. I've not heard before of factory guns being shipped out annealed or prior to surface finishing. That would seem to affect manufacturer warranties.
  15. Agree. (Thank you Hardpan.) I note that, last year, our California Legislators and Governor prohibited ownership of a milling machine by persons not licensed to manufacture firearms, IF (in somebody's judgment) the machine's "primary purpose" was the manufacture of ghost firearms. I fully expect prohibition of (single purpose) ammunition loading and reloading machines to not be very far behind. CA is on a very slippery slope.
  16. IMHO, they fixed a site that wasn't broken, and it made a mess of everything from Forum access difficulty to forum sign-in repetition, to searches that fail, to totally missing functions. All of them worked just fine previously (and worked for all external user devices). In my own case, my Android device has not changed. It still properly accesses every other browser directed site without problems. So rule out device problems and browser problems and user problems. The problems and timing all point directly to the new website. Users should not have to delete their browser history and clear all tabs every time, just to connect with a website, and it should not be necessary for half the users to have to re-login, every time they want to post a new comment to a forum. Sorry to be such a critic, but the new site is a mess-- at least for many of us.
  17. JS, you might like the SASS Saloon site better. Content is just as pertinent and informative there, but folks over there are much less crabby and attack prone, and much more mutually curteous. (A friend asked me to suggest it to you)
  18. I thought the thread would be about fixing leaky faucets.
  19. I use a Tornado brush (coil). I have a squib rod with a narrow handle that can pass through the bore. I first attach the Tornado Coil to the rod, spray the chamber with One Shot case lube, and scrub out the chambers. Then I place a 3" square rough patch right over the coil, spray it with One Shot, and push it (and the whole rod and handle) through the bore from the chamber end. It leaves a lubed, mirror finish. I was concerned at first about the coil scratching the chambers, but I've not seen evidence of it, after hundreds of cleanings. If you're handy, the same coils can be bought at Walmart in pairs, as BBQ grill scrubbers, for 1/10 the price of the ones sold for shotgun cleaning, but they have to be fitted with a threaded fitting to be able to attach to a cleaning rod - a quick threading and solder or braze job.
  20. If it's a spider bite (looks like it to my well experienced eyes -- many past black wodow bites) It will become necrotic (blackend) around the edges within a day or two, and leave an open sore between dime and quarter size, that will take a several weeks to a month or more to heal in. Hopefully it was not a Brown Recluse. They necrose a much larger area and can cause more serious systemic reactions. Be real alert for respiratory symptoms or dizziness in the first 24 hours. If they start, get to an ER post-haste.
  21. Cans of Wasp and hornet spray usually run out just about the time you get them mad. Instead, half fill a weed sprayer with water and put in a big squirt of Dawn dish soap. It doesn't cost much, doesn't run out when you need it most, and it drops bees, wasps and any other insects right out of the air, stone dead, from a wider spray stream than you get out of the spray cans. It won't harm plants (or eyes) and it's much easier to aim. Virtually all pest control people use dish soap for killing bees and wasps. It also kills the immature ones within the nest.
  22. Does anybody know what the red tag in the one animal's ear is all about?
  23. Some of the Regionals' exact dates, etc, may not be decided as yet.
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