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  1. I certainly believe we need to be careful, but I think the masks are like the old duck-and-cover advice when preparing for a nuclear holocaust during to the Cold War. Do, I wear a mask? Yes, but more out of courtesy; not because I think it is all that effective.
  2. Some humans don’t follow rules, so why should we expect bears not to trespass.
  3. I prefer both the man and the boar dressed.
  4. Congrats, Loophole! I still have 4 more years to go. I already have 43 years this year with my employer.
  5. I have a few Tommy Bahama shirts. Keeping ‘em; wearing ‘em
  6. Babylon Bee has my wife and me howling every day.
  7. I once accidentally brushed my teeth with my brother’s Score hair groom that came in a tube. I can still remember that horrible taste. That fixed me
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