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  1. We're looking forward to seeing you all out at the Robbers' Ruckus! The match directors are truly planning a really good time! See you all soon!
  2. Hey friends, Maybe this has been asked, but maybe it deserves to be asked again! What is your favorite shoot of the year? What do you love about it and why should other cowpokes join in the fun? (Please feel free to link to it!) Mine is Pursuit into the Osage Nation in Bartlesville, OK. It's a shoot that, as I've been told, is a lot more like the "good ol' days" with targets that are far away and stages that are a lot of fun. I enjoy it and others should come to it because it's set in a literal historical reserve where outlaws and cowboys would come together for one time a year to "break bread" in peace. Read more about the reserve here: https://www.woolaroc.org/history-of-woolaroc I don't shoot big bore often, but at this shoot, I try to do my best with a special pard's browning highwall (Thanks Gunny 00!) to see if I can hit 5 out of 5 (or 8 out of 8, counting the sighters) at the BIG target, 300+ yards away during side matches. We FREQUENTLY see buffalo roaming through camp and long horns, and white tail deer. It's just an amazing place to be and shoot, plus I can bring my 7 year old, where he plays with the other grandkids and kids that are there for the first few days of camp (or shoot!). Here's the link to this shoot: http://www.itsass.net/pursuit-into-the-osage-nation/ I love this shoot because the cowboy spirit is alive and well and I was curious about the other shoots around because I don't get to travel that much (due to the aforementioned 7 year old). Let me know about them!
  3. Indian Territory SASS is bringing you a fun 1-day shoot of 7 stages to have some fun being outlaws with Robbers' Ruckus! This shoot will be all about the old train robbers, bank robbers and ne'er do-wells we all know and remember from movies, books, and stories we love! Camping will be available for those that want to join us a little earlier and/or stay a little later to enjoy time with their favorite pards! An informal awards dinner is included with registration so you can enjoy a little bit of those braggin' rights among friends! Join us on September 21st! Registration forms are available at our website: http://www.itsass.net/robbers-ruckus/ or attached here. Official Schedule Match Directors: Ninety Caliber Al – 918.855.7667, Marmalade – 918.557.6928 Saturday, September 21st 7:00am – 8:00am Check In 8:30am – Welcome/Safety Meeting, Main Match (no lunch will be provided, so be sure to pack a lunch or snack). 6:00pm – Informal Awards Dinner Match Ammunition Requirements: Approximately 80 Pistol, 80 Rifle & 32 shotgun rounds We hope to see you at Buzzard Gulch in September! 2019 Robbers Ruckus Entry Form.pdf
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