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  1. This is literally my favorite shoot of the ones I've been to! Have you heard of it? Indian Territory SASS looks forward to hosting you at the famous and historical Woolaroc Ranch and Wildlife Preserve this May. Not only do you get the chance to experience an "Old World" shoot, but also the museum and herds of animals that wildly roam the ranch! (Seriously! Longhorns and buffalo roam freely, and there have been a few times where we have to run off white tail deer behind our targets!) "Are you looking for a Cowboy shoot the way they used to be? Want to use that front sight? Tired of getting a ā€œPā€ if you mess up? Well, Partners ā€“ this is the shoot for you! Questions? Call Burly Bill ā€“ 918.830.2936" Join us for our 10 year anniversary of this shoot! I look forward to meeting you there. -Purdy Good 2020-Pursuit-into-the-Osage-Nation-Entry-Form.pdf
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