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Territorial Governors
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    Cherokee Cowboys #1,Riverbend Rough Riders, North Alabama Regulators TG 2007

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    Gainesville, GA 30506
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    CAS,Quail Hunting, Sporting Clays,Leather Maker, paint, wood work, duck carving and I love to shoot my precision .22 rifles.

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  1. We at Cherokee always enjoy seeing you and your pards. I always enjoy your company.

    Cherokee Charlie

  2. Trouble with this forum....the winner is Anthony Dembeck aka J.P.G. RingoAnonymous leathercrafter --Custom hand tooled pistol rig

    Anthony Dembek 860-763-2476 26 North Street, Enfield, CT, 06082

  3. Anonymous leathercrafter --Custom hand tooled pistol rig

    *J.P.G. Ringo INV# 1116708 Anthony Dembek J. P. G. Ringo 860-763-2476 26 North Street, Enfield, CT, 06082

  4. HOPE YOU GET THIS E MAIL E IS ddenzin1@gmail.com

    looking for the outlw

  5. Cherokee Charlie is not who I really am but who I should have been.

    1. Cherokee Charlie Regulator #4967

      Cherokee Charlie Regulator #4967

      Don't walk in front of me for I may not follow

      Don't walk behind me for I may not lead

      Walk beside me so that we may be as one




  6. Hey Badger,

    OKB and I hooked up Skype and now we can look at each other on the computer and have a conversation face to face to face. Look into it so that we can talk face to face.


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