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  1. Fostech has booth 443 at the Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg PA, about an hour from me. I intended to go anyway so I'm going to have a little fun while I'm there. I'm going to print off a bunch of flyers telling about their B.S. warranty and customer service scam. Once I've gone through and seen everything I wanted to see, I'll stand right in front of their booth handing the flyers out until either 1. I run out of flyers or 2. security tells me to stop (most likely what will happen). Then I'll have a friend go do the same thing until he is told to stop. Maybe I'll even take a white tee shirt and write on it "ask me about fostechs extortion" or something of the like...
  2. Yes, but it doesn't say anything other than "unwarrantable return"
  3. Well, they wouldn't budge an inch on charging me $82 for doing nothing. They are saying either I pay them their extortion fee or lose my $350 trigger. So, I paid it. I intend on putting the POS back in the Anderson and taking it to the range and video taping it not working. Then I'll post the video and every email between me and them on every forum, gun board, Facebook page, etc. I can. I just opened an account on a few ar15 forums and FB pages just so I can post the video. Hopefully someone will see it and decide against getting ripped off buying one.
  4. So about a year ago i bought 2 Fostech Echo sport triggers for my AR's. I have a psa and an anderson, both in 7.62x39. I installed the trigger in the PSA first and function tested is dry firing and it wouldn't fire the second shot on the release of the trigger unless i pushed the selector paddle all the way to the left and held it there as i released the trigger. After farting around with it trying to figure out when it didn't work I took it out and proceeded to install the second trigger in the PSA. It worked as advertised both dry firing and live fire. So i thought maybe i installed the trigger wrong the first time so I installed it into my anderson and it functioned fine. i figured it must have been something i did wrong. Well, my last range trip with the anderson, it wouldn't binary... it works fine dry firing it but not with live ammo. pull the trigger, it drops the hammer, relase the trigger, nothing, pull again and it fires, just like normal semi auto. So i sent it back to fostech. they claim there is nothing wrong with it and since there is nothing wrong with it it does not fall under a warranty claim and i now owe them $82 to get my trigger back after they fixed nothing....
  5. Check my avatar... I've been running a pair that are sporting kirst conversion since 2017 without a single issue (now watch, i'll break a trigger spring). I love my ubertis and wouldn't own another pair of piettas for CAS. I started with a pair of piettas with drop in cylinders and after 3 matches they felt worn out, they rattled and just felt loose. 5 years and thousands of rounds later and my ubertis still feel brand new.
  6. As black powder ammo, it was 200gn bullet over a full case of 3f... fill to the rim, seat the bullet, done... as a smokeless its a lighter 145/146 bullet due to the increased pressures of smokeless powder. i have never had a gun fail shooting modern remington or magtech ammo out of one of my antiques and they get shot a lot! my 1st model iver johnson is used in side matches year after year and i run modern magtech or remington through it. but YMMV, do as you wish...
  7. Apparently you've never fired my single trigger stevens 315...lol...
  8. Ok, now I have to show off a recent purchase and some other ridiculous toys...
  9. "anorexic skeleton" had me laughing my butt off!!!!
  10. would a SXS derringer be ok for a side match gun? i just bought that rossi model 8 from Dusty Morningwood and think it would be fun to try it in a sidematch
  11. "Derringers must be .22 caliber or larger. The Remington style over/under barrel configuration and the Sharps fourbarreled Pepperbox are typical SASS legal Derringers" SASS rule book section 5 page 29 Does this mean they are the only legal derringers or they are just an example?
  12. I can't find the "alias lookup" on the SASS site... Am i missing something?
  13. darn you!!!! stop posting weird stuff for sale!!!! you know i absolutely have to add that to my collection!!! i'll take it!!! pm inbound...
  14. I've been trying to buy a belt buckle. I have a $50 gift certificate but there is no where to enter the cert info. I've sent 3 emails and no word yet...
  15. the only video of me shooting: https://www.facebook.com/james.a.webb.5/videos/10157446222837276/?idorvanity=1955552141390281 12" remington and a 47 walker, my back up rifle and back up shotgun. with the virginia city marshals at the nra headquarters
  16. My main match pistols are completely custom. I guarantee there is not a single pair like them throughout all of SASS and there are only 2000 of my rifles, mine is #1557 of 2000... my SKB 100 is pretty common...lol...
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