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  1. ask all the questions you want here, http://1858remington.com/discuss/index.php its full or remington shooters and collectors, like myself. i shoot a pair of uberti 58's converted to 45 colt myself, they are the guns in my avatar
  2. Up for sale is a couple of black powder guns i dont shoot. im selling because its time for me to get a decent rig, which as you know, is not cheap. first up: unknown maker 12 Ga sxs muzzle loader shotgun: bore is not too bad for its age, wasnt very well taken care of. if you were to replace the nipples, it could be a shooter again but for now its just a wall hanger. in fair shape for its age. under the barrel it does have the leige proof stamp but thats all i could find, may be english, may be something else, i just dont know. PENDING TRADE steel frame pietta 44 58 remington 8" barrel with adjustable sites: i bought this as a project i was going to build another stubby out of but it didnt want its barrel cut off so i rebuilt it, tuned it and timed it. it shoots amazingly well and is pinpoint accurate! has some minor pitting in the barrel but the chambers are near perfect. she's got some wounds and scratches but is a good solid shooter! $175 shipped to your door steel frame Uberti 1860 colt 44: I got this in a trade and took it out and shot it once, it is a nail driver! it has been tuned and has had the arbor length fixed. locks up tight and like i said before, shoots fantastic! Has tresco nipples. a few minor dings in the grips and has a light marks at the bolt lock slots but otherwise in beautiful condition $275 shipped to your door. payment via paypal (preferred) postal m.o., check, cash etc...
  3. Would you be interested a trade for a cap and ball revolver?
  4. +1 i started with a 20" rossi 92 saddle ring carbine and still have it, i added a stainless 20" rossi 92 SRC and thats now my main match rifle, only because it matches my revolvers... you can get two 92's for about the price of one 94...
  5. i shoot estate 1oz, 2 3/4 dram... nice light recoil for my doubles and shucks out well too had a new shooter at last months match show up with 3" birdshot, after the first two went off, the r.o. stopped him... we pitched in some shells for him to use... boy was that impressive to hear go off inside our line shack!!! lol
  6. My 07 Honda vtx1800f, red. My 92 Kawasaki "Vulcan 88" black. My 99 Honda Shadow vlx600 blue. before I sold it.
  7. I once hooked a jumper wire from the brake light switch in my dad's old 60's Chevy truck to the horn... It was hilarious, every time he hit the brakes, the horn blew! He didn't find it as amusing as I did... Back when I lived in Maine I was in this off-road/ Jeep club. We had this real obnoxious young rich kid that always made a scene and knew everything about everything. Well he got plastered one night at a bonfire party and he passed out on his Jeep. We threw a rope over a huge tree branch and pulled his winch cable over the branch, hooked the cable to itself in a loop and hung him and the Jeep about 3 feet off the ground from that tree. My idea was just to leave the winch hooked up so he'd have to figure out how to unhook it. I left before they ran the cable in and actually hung the whole Jeep out of the tree so I didn't get to see it. Also I wasn't there the next morning but from what I heard it was hilarious with him trying to get his Jeep out of the tree.
  8. Years back, say around 09, I rode my motorcycle to the mall in Bangor, Maine. I wandered around for about an hour and a half, came out and my bike was gone!!! I walked around the parking lot for a good 20 minutes before I decided it had been stolen. So I go to the mall security office and have them call the police. Police arrive and take a statement and get a description of the bike, tag#, etc. As the officer is leaving, a call comes across the radio that they had found the bike! It was parked on the other side of the mall... I felt like an idiot and I swore I didn't park it over there. Needless to say, the police weren't very amused and I got a stern talking to about it. I didn't tell anyone about it I was so embarrassed. 3 days later a friend of mine stops by while in cleaning up the property and gets out of his truck and says "I see you found your bike" "What? How did you.... You son of a b!*@#!!!" He saw it sitting there and pushed it all the way around to the other side of the mall and left. Funniest prank ever pulled, and it was on me...
  9. So I picked up some .359 158 gn rnfp to reload 38s&w. Does anyone load 38s&w with trail boss? What's your load data? Thanks!
  10. Am I the only one who uses Kimbers kimpro mags??? I love them and have never had any trouble...
  11. i'm not entirely sure mine was originally a 3" gun. it has a flagged carrier which i have been told two different things about, one i was told all 12's got the flagged carrier after some certain year (i dont remember but i think it was in the 40's), and ive been told the 3" guns never had a flagged carrier... i dont know which is true, i do know there is no ser# on my barrel unlike the other three 12's i have had in the past (bought to resell and had no intentions of keeping) none of which were 3" guns... mine had one of those lyman polychokes on it and the frame has been tapped for a scope rail which i also removed and put filler screws in. its a clean gun that showed no signs of ever being fired before i got it and two others at an estate auction for $175 total for all 3 just right before christmas!!! im still contemplating selling my 97... since i run a double for CAS and a model 12 for WB, why do i own a 97??? as a back up to the 12??? thats like having a back up for an AK47... i also have 2 doubles, one bakail the other a stevens (again, why do i have a back up for a bakail???)
  12. i run a 1950 model 12. 3" chamber, solid rib barrel, nice and heavy, soaks up recoil well. way smoother than my 97 (might be selling the 97 so keep an eye out)...
  13. I heard someone tapping on my window last night. Once I got out of bed, I realized it was coming from the mirror again...
  14. I guarantee it will be. I'll be there, look for the cowboy in all black with the pair of stainless 58 Remingtons...
  15. I love their open house! I go both days, get there early on day one, the scratch and dent deals are awesome and the table gets picked through pretty quickly. I got my main match guns, my pair of stainless 5.5" uberti 58s in my avatar, two years ago for less than $700!
  16. Oops, that actually was the wrong picture...lol...
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