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  1. All tan 34's sold. I have not stuck with my asking price so make me offers!!!
  2. Welcome to the most fun you can have with your boots on! Our club is a little further from you, Berkeley springs WV, but come on down, we are having our last shoot Sunday after next
  3. Why are you looking for just Schofield?? Any that's made in 45 Colt will chamber 45 Schofield...
  4. i found the 20" barrel i bought for my izh43e on ebay... i just couldnt bring myself to cutting up a brand new 28" threaded choke barrel so i bought a bounty hunter 2 barrel and fitted it to my gun... keep looking they come up from time to time... look for "eaa bounty hunter barrel" "remington spartan barrel" "stevens 411 barrel" a generic "baikal" search brings up a bunch of stuff, barrels included sometimes
  5. so two of the tan 34s, the brown 34's and the striped 34s all SPF
  6. SXS, single trigger... easier and faster for me... plus a pump gun just doesn't seem very "western"
  7. PayPal, money order, check, cash... whatever works for you!
  8. So i came into possession of some brand new scully and whamaker trousers. Unfortunately none of them fit me...lol... all but two pair still have the tags on them! looking for $45 a pair plus actual shipping. multiple pairs will be shipped together the least expensive way possible 1st pic 36" (new with no tags) 2nd pic 34" (there are 3 pairs of the tan) all tan sold, purplish scully still available 3rd pic 32" (the blue are limited edition, no more than 500 ever made in this pattern, has embroidery on the pocket) 4th pic 33" (wahmaker new with no tag) 5th pic 31" (scully) as per forum rules first come first served "ill take it" gets it!
  9. i dont shoot it regularly but i have used it in 2 or 3 matches... its a hoot and gets a lot of looks... especially when i shoot black out of it!!!
  10. With a little work, a Walker can be a very handy gun... This one is named "bad medicine"
  11. So I got 4 weeks until the test for the other county! I'm going to spend this week taking a break from running, work out on the elliptical and build up my cardio, let my knee rest... I can barely walk on it right now.
  12. thanks for all the well wishes everyone!!! unfortunately i didn't make the time... came in with a 14:58... my lungs and body just werent ready for that kind of workout. although i did manage to sprint the last straight and crossed at a full run!!! oh and i did not come in last!!! i crossed about a minute before a 26 year old!!! im resting now, icing my knee and reapplying monday and applying for jefferson county monday also! i have not given up...
  13. So since I won't be getting but two magazines a year, do the member fees go down now?
  14. 8:15 tonight... down to 213.0lbs too!!! tomorrow im doing the full 1.5 to see what my time is, 14:35 is my goal... and that will be my last run before saturday... im resting friday, other than walking it briskly 2 or 3 times... just think, until about two months ago i had to sit down every 10 minutes due to a pinched nerve in my back from an injury back in feb. now im running!!!
  15. I saw someone, somewhere, at one of the shoots i went to use this stuff to stop the pistols from sticking in the holster. he put a little on his finger, rubbed it inside the holster and it worked like a charm!. my 1911 hangs up sometimes and i want to get this stuff but i dont know who had it or what it was called... anyone know what im talking about?
  16. 8:14 tonight!!! Thats faster then i did it my last year of high school!!! (8:30) 27 years ago!!!
  17. did it in 9:18 yesterday and 8:39 just now!!! I GOT THIS!!!
  18. First off congratulations to Walker Colt as the overall champion of the WV Showdown and winner of Gunfighter! Congratulations to Montana Max for placing second and winning 49er! Congratulations to Buzzard Breath for winning senior! Congratulations to Sunshine Marcie for being overall ladies champion and winning Cow Girl! Congratulations to Coon Richardson for winning Wrangler! Congratulations to Geronimo Jim for winning Elder Statesman! Congratulations to Flatboat Bob for winning El Patron! Congratulations to Last Word for winning Lady 49er! Congratulations to El Diablo Don for winning Silver Senior! Congratulations to Shorty Black for winning Cowboy! Congratulations to Bdoc for winning Lady Gunfighter! Congratulations to Lena Oakley for winning Lady Senior! Congratulations to Sheriff R T Lee for winning Senior Duelist! Congratulations to Boomstick Bruce for winning Duelist! Congratulations to Deacon Will for winning Cattle Baron! Congratulations to Hazel Pepper for winning Lady Silver Senior! Congratulations to Windjammer for winning Frontier Cartridge! Congratulations to Potter County Kid for winning Frontiersman! Special congratulations goes out to Twin for winning pocket pistol (and beating me) with my own first model Iver Johnson 32 (i came in second lol). He shot two double taps on two targets in 1.04sec to my 1.09... Special thanks to Trooper Ozzy for organizing and setting up the 2 stage night shoot. That was a blast! (pun intended) and thank you to everyone who helped put the Showdown together this year! I'm sure i speak for everyone when i say it was an amazing shoot and a ton of fun!!! I had an amazing time as always! Best door prizes, great camping, amazing food, nice cool mountain air and beautiful scenery. I love this shoot and am already excited for next year!!! Thanks to Taylor's and co. who donated a 45 colt SAA "cattle brand" engraved revolver that we gave away to a registered shooter (i cant remember who won it, it wasn't me lol) I'll be adding side match scores once they are posted on the WV Cass website. WVCASS.org
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