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  1. Blue 32's, black 31's and 2 more pair of the 34 brown striped still available
  2. https://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/codes_displaySection.xhtml?lawCode=PEN&sectionNum=16170
  3. nobody ever asked "can i own a 6 inch barrel 12 gauge sxs thats legal in CA?"
  4. Has anyone seen or have one of these? I kind of want one!!! https://americanguncraft.com/product/diablo-break-open-blued-finish-12-gauge-pistol-rosewood-grip/ I think it would be a hoot!!!
  5. other than bond, is there another large derringer maker? i seem to remember one back in the 90s or so but cant remember who made it...
  6. welcome to the most fun you can have with your clothes on!!!
  7. 36's have bids on eBay, no longer for sale here
  8. Yup... USUALLY my taurus curve with viridian laser and light with a +1 mag in the gun and the regular 6 round mag on my belt loaded with buffalo bore 90gn JHP +P if its a WB shoot, i just open carry my 1911 with match ammo loaded in it... 200gn rnfp@800fps+- should do the trick...
  9. pietta, wherever you are... PLEASE MAKE THIS!!!!
  10. They are all going on eBay tonight I have 2 more pairs of the striped 34's available.
  11. All tan 34's sold. I have not stuck with my asking price so make me offers!!!
  12. Welcome to the most fun you can have with your boots on! Our club is a little further from you, Berkeley springs WV, but come on down, we are having our last shoot Sunday after next
  13. Why are you looking for just Schofield?? Any that's made in 45 Colt will chamber 45 Schofield...
  14. i found the 20" barrel i bought for my izh43e on ebay... i just couldnt bring myself to cutting up a brand new 28" threaded choke barrel so i bought a bounty hunter 2 barrel and fitted it to my gun... keep looking they come up from time to time... look for "eaa bounty hunter barrel" "remington spartan barrel" "stevens 411 barrel" a generic "baikal" search brings up a bunch of stuff, barrels included sometimes
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