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  1. Know why seven eight nine? Cause you gotta eat 3 squared meals a day!
  2. Did you hear about the mathematician that who scared of negative numbers? He'd stop at nothing to avoid them. Know why plants hate math? It gives them square roots. Know why nobody talks to a circle? Cause theres no point.
  3. The bunkhouse boss and I was at one of the 5 local walmarts the other day getting some odds and ends. After navigating through the endless maze of bumper carts and saggy bottoms, we arrive at the checkout to see the biggest bust ever! I cant help but stare! My wife seen me and looked to see what I was staring at. Then she looked back at me and started staring too! Well, about then the cashier caught us staring right at those jokers. I dont know who was more embarrased, me my wife or him!
  4. Well, I aint got the nut out yet. Headers will bere here any day now. Guess Im gonna have to pull the pan. Ive had a lot of fun going to DQ to think about working on it, but it may be catchin up with me. My britches is getting tight. I walked by the front of the tv last night and my wife missed a whole episode of her show.
  5. Best thing to fix that is dairy queen. Next time I do that Im gonna put some shot in a dixie cup and set it on the edge of the table next to my reloader where it'll fall over real easy like. Ill put one end of a broom touchin the cup with the other end where the door will hit it and knock everything over. I'll call up to the bunkhouse boss for some beans and when she knocks that cup over, she'll think she made the whole mess! I'll get to eat my beans and watch her clean up "her" mess. If she doesn't finish before I do, I'll make an ice cream run and bring her back some if theres any left. What could go wrong with that?
  6. Cant really use energy to calculate a kill factor. Not the HITS formula I put above. That formula is a better comparison. See how the .22 hornet compares to the 405 gr load using that one.
  7. Its been a long time since Ive messed with this. Power factor is a great way for shooting sports to compare recoil for loads in like-type firearms. That's why you have different power factor categories. It appears unfair for someone shooting a stage with say 9mm to complete with someone shooting it with 45acp. So if you have a vaquero in 45colt and a vaquero in 357 and want to know which one has more recoil you can do the formula m•v and divide by 1000. Keep in mind this is different from "felt recoil". The way I do energy is mass times velocity squared and then divide that by 450,437. So on the non scientific calculator you can punch velocity times velocity equals. Times mass in grains equals. Divide by 450,437. More to the point of what I think you want to know is: You can determine how a bullet might wound a live target by using the Hornady index of terminal standard. It is: Square of the bullet weight times the velocity divided by the square of the bullet diameter divided by 700,000 Atleast I think that is what you were wanting. A way to tell the theoretical difference in various loads and their effectiveness on a live target. Keep in mind it would have to be like-type rounds. It wouldnt work comparing a round nose solid to a hollow point, but it would work comparing a 9mm hollow point vs the same type hollow point in 10mm or 45 or etc.
  8. Hold on a minute! Are you telling me some DQs have chocolate soft serve?
  9. Dont know about that, but I do know the last time he got mad he was in the Sahara forest.
  10. I heard he got bit by a rattlesnake 10 years ago. The snake spent 3 weeks in the hospital.
  11. Ive got coded push button locks cause Im always losing my keys.
  12. Well, I'm setting here in my truck eating a banana split and waiting on my wife to get finished with a haircut so we can go in KFC. That got me to thinkin some of their peach cobbler would go right nice on top of a banana split. Now Ive asked myself WWWD and I'm coming up blank. Would he smuggle the rest of the banana split into kfc or would he smuggle a pocketful of peach cobbler out to the truck?
  13. My absolute favorite ice cream of all time is from a little place called the ice cream cone on Hilton Head island. Its black raspberry. I sure wish there was a place in middle tn that carried it. Maybe I can find a way to order it by the bucket. Other than the taste, the best thing is showing Rowdy Riley and Tennessee Whiskey the purple "end digestion" Widder was talking about!
  14. I tried baskin robbins today. It didnt get rid of my heartburn at all. Had to hit DQ again...
  15. Id add one more chair around that hot tub. Permit would probably get expensive though...
  16. Looks like I may be able to rent out tent space at the buzzards nest by the square foot... Course people'd have to watch out for killer buzzards. And bigfoots' cousin Leroy. He aint as harry as bigfoot but he's got the stink eye and a bad limp.
  17. I like where your mind is at.
  18. Ive got a fire, but prefer to just read on my android phone. I read 2 to 3 books a week sometimes and electronic is a cheaper version.
  19. I heard DQ treats were good for getting rid of heartburn. I also know I get heartburn from eating jalepenos. This could be a win win situation for me. If this flavor doesn't get rid of the heartburn, I'll need to keep trying until I find the right one. This is their triple chocolate brownie thingamabob with caramel instead of one of the chocolates...
  20. Oh yeah. The guy I got the engine from had this canister plumbed into the hole above the oil filter. Supposed to be an accumulator, I think. Reckon I ought to put it on or leave it off?
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