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  1. Really!? I thought I was the only bent-minded person out there. I shoulda knowed better. Ive been to Walmart.
  2. I'm fast enough to catch you if you mess up, and slow enough to make you look bad when I do! Aint as much fun whoopin up on other one handed shooters like Widder.
  3. I appreciate that Widder. I know I can count on you! For what, I don't know yet. But somethin.
  4. And....I better not quit my day job. I seen a sign that said violators will be prosecuted and my twisted mind said prosecutors will be violated.
  5. ...or sign for my man-cave. No lawyers! Prosecutors will be violated!
  6. Registration is on its way! Gonna feel like a marathon with 2 big matches in a row, but who has ever heard of too much fun?
  7. Only if you're assaulting someone with it. Cain used an assault rock to slay abel. And I know that aint the "correct" definition.
  8. Me too. Mine are firearms also. I don't use a weapon to shoot targets. I use a weapon to defend myself. It may end up being a pistol, rifle, rock, or knife. But, (if you look up the definition of weapon) it aint a weapon until I use it to get the upper hand of another individual.
  9. In your quoted text, they call it a firearm. And no, it's not a weapon unless used as such.
  10. That's what I said. Does California "register" the firearm with the same paperwork/background check?
  11. This post is dying out too quick. I'm gonna stir the pot a bit and point out there is a difference in the national instacheck and "registering" a firearm in someones' name. Im going shootin. Back after while!
  12. Semantics! I'm just trying to argue. I bat either way and it takes me just as long, either hand to get to first base. Those few occasions I get there!
  13. Agree. And agree on the mk series also, just cause they can be a pain. I don't know anything about their serials.
  14. Quickest way to find out is step on it. You'll know pretty quick if that fiberglass paint is covering rust holes!
  15. At the risk of getting in the barrel myowndangself, its still a trigger guard. All of my trap guns are serialized on the frame as well as the barrel. It doesnt make the barrel a receiver.
  16. A trigger guard is a trigger guard. Some guns have the serial number in multiple locations...doesnt mean it has more than one receiver.
  17. I'm both handed. That makes it confusing figuring out the best way to shoot a stage.
  18. I thought this post was about Widder when I seen the title.
  19. I disagree with everybody on general principle. -Kidding Just so we are all on the same page: 1)Shooter finishes pistol rounds and somehow ends up on half cock, he can unholster the revolver and point downrange to dry fire and reholster. 2)Shooter finishes pistol rounds and somehow ends up on full cock, he CAN or CANNOT unholster the revolver and point down range and dry fire and reholster? 3)Shooter orders steak and chicken but wanted steak and shrimp. Can he keep the chicken and still order a side of shrimp and still have room for a nanner split on the way home?
  20. My understanding is the 45 degree rule only applies to the draw. The reason is to keep people from cocking in the holster and blowing their toes off. The reason it couldn't apply everywhere is because some of the stages we shoot. Ever shoot at guns of August? Shooting the targets would break the 45. Also, all the times people have reholstered with the revolver cocked and had to pull it out and dry fire to lower the hammer would not have happened. It would have to only apply to the original draw to fire IMO.
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