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  1. A buddy of mine out in New Mexico converted this for me a ways back. it originally had the ill-fated Kirst conversion that kept breaking firing pins and finally the recoil shield broke. He machined a new shield with locator tab & solid firing pin, and also Incorporated a Richard's Mason type rear sight on the shield. Hammer was flattened and hardened. Cylinder has safe notches between the chambers. Gun is reloaded by pushing out the wedge & removing the cylinder, or poking the empties out through the loading cut. It is .32 S&W. Still have the original CB cyl
  2. Yeah I'm curious too... Bisleys are about the only thing I haven't tried. LQ Jones
  3. If they don't work out for you, I'd like to give them a try. LQ Jones
  4. I've used a 92 in 45 Colt a couple of times. Great brush gun, with 365GC hard cast and H110 its drops hogs like a bag of bricks. El Q
  5. Jeez that didn't take long - I'll take them if it doesn't work out. El Q
  6. Tell you what...... 16 gauge is a JOY to be shooting for 8 or 10 stages. LQ
  7. Don't get desperate. Buy another OT in 5 1/2 and sell me your old one. Piece of cake. LQ Coming up on a year back ordered for my Barrel.
  8. I've got a Deluxe Smoke wagon. I like it enough to be looking for another, if that helps. LQ
  9. Wish there was some W3G around here. I've shot alot of unaffiliated FUN matches in TX/NM - one/two pistol, reloads on anything/everything, cover, moving, flyers, long range bonus, etc etc...10/10/4 is getting old - kinda like bowling, or bingo. LQ
  10. If N ya find one, I'll buy your 4 3/4 barrel Ive had 1 back ordered for quite a while now. El Q
  11. Neat article. Look on eBay for a set of antique loading tools. I even have an antique priming tool that takes the anxiety out of banging a case down on a primer. That'll fray your nerves after a few of them go off on ya ! LQ
  12. Deadeye- For shooting real black or pyrodex, I just start with a "square" load, then pattern it. Something about seeing those flaming wads puts a smile on my face. The subs are harder to get good results with. When I use APP or 777 type powder, I use less powder to avoid getting a hole in the pattern. I've had great results with the circle fly wads. For Magtech brass I use 10 gauge wads. For RMC or original brass, I use 11 ga overpowder and shot wads, then 10 ga overshot. Use the tightest wads you can get in the case.
  13. Pay close attention to your wad & card sizes and you will have a more harmonious outcome. Have fun ! I don't think anybody else mentioned it here, but advise the RO that youre shooting brass so he doesn't step on your cases ! El Q Jones
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