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  1. What device is your favorite to use when posting to the Forums and why?

    Also, which method do you find you end up using?


    For me, my computer at home or the office.

    Why? Faster, easier to see and read threads and much easier to search and download pics, etc.

    Find I use my tablet and Android phone the most. Each has it's PROs and CONs.

    Tablet allows me to select my favorite font and size, whereas my phone doesn't.

    My phone always uploads pics I find, whereas my tablet sometimes gives an error message on numerous attempt before it loads successfully.

    Most of my saved items are on the computer, with no access to them from either my phone or my tablet.


  2. 5 hours ago, Cat Brules said:

    I had two of them and sold them both.  I regret doing so very much.  If the price is good (these days, anyway), I’d like to have one.

    Where did you see it for sale?


    Cat Brules










  3. UB,

         Thank's for the video.

         I believe with all the responses to my post, this particular rifle will not be on my list of purchases, at least for the foreseeable future.

  4. Sorry to see one of your favorite cups get destroyed. :(

    Must have been one strong cup of coffee! ;)

    Unless it was milk, and then there's no use in crying over it. 


    Seriously though, I've had many a cup that's been microwaved so often it gets weakened to the point of breaking easily.


  5. Here is what I've uncovered so far.

    • Although the Pedersoli Howdah is a novel looking firearm, at $1,300.00, my gold could be spent on another completely different firearm I would rather have. I do like the option of loading a .410 buckshot in the first chamber to ward off the perpetrator, and a .45 cal in the second chamber for distance!
    • I will admit that although my wife likes her Taurus .38 cal for concealed carry, the S&W Governor, as Rye stated, also Chambers 45acp. The look of the revolver is better, along with name recognition.



    • Several of the responses have raised the issue of recoil. My question is whether the recoil from the 45 Colt, 45 acp or 410 is the worse? Also, barrel length, as to which is preferred? Does the Governor come with a longer barrel?
    • The price difference isn't significant for the additional features the S&W offers, which is around $700 as compared to the Taurus at $440, depending on where you shop..

    Currently leaning towards the Governor; however, open to more input, as I value everyone's expertise and experience in this area.

  6. 34 minutes ago, Larsen E. Pettifogger, SASS #32933 said:

    What makes you think the Redhawk will shoot .410s?  The cylinder on the gun in the photo is not near long enough.  The other gun that started the whole .45/.410 thing is the Taurus Judge.

    My fault.

    Was looking at 45acp/45colt then switched to 410.

    Got confused.

  7. Interested in purchasing a firearm that will shoot 45 cal and .410.

    Based on what I have seen, some of the options are:











          Which one would be the best value, or are there other options?

  8. 32 minutes ago, Alpo said:

    I'm trying to make sense of the title of this thread.


    ON TOP


    On top of what?



         You know me by now, always experimenting so it's something I am testing for the future.... B)

        Toy Story - To Infinity and Beyond Quote Minimal Greetings Card ...

            Will let everyone know when we get there! ;)

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