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    Cowboy Action Shooting, Old West History, Crossword Puzzles, Music, Butterfly Garden.
    Mostly spending time with my lovely bride and our two (2) Cocker Spaniels.

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About Me

  • I currently work for local government, in Lake County, Florida as a Financial Coordinator.
  • I was the Office Manager/Accountant for a Law Firm for 18 years, and before that the Operations Manager/Accountant for a major Wine & Spirits Distributor for 13 years.
  • Graduate of the University of South Carolina with BA in Accounting.
  • Served in the Air Force for 4 years as a Communications Specialist with a Top Secret Security Clearance, working with the Crypto guys.
  • Graduate of Okaloosa-Walton Jr. High with a AS in Drafting & Design Technology.


     I first became interested in Cowboy Action Shooting after seeing photos of a SASS Mounted Cowboy posted on our Intranet website. I met with him to talk about what he did, and was directed to the Lake County Pistoleros who shoot at the Eustis Gun Range in Tavares, Florida.




     I went to a couple of their matches and was hooked.

     Then began the process of learning as much as I could about Cowboy Action Shooting and SASS, and using the Internet, researched every aspect of the sport, including watching as many videos as I could.

     After becoming a member of SASS and reading the SASS WIRE I discovered that there wasn't a process for a person who might be interested in the sport, to learn more about what it entails to become a Cowboy Action Shooter. Since I was already committed to the sport, and a new shooter myself, I decided to start posting threads specifically designed to be followed by those interested in CAS to learn "the ropes" and hopefully "steer" them to joining, as we need to increase the membership as much as we can.

     As a new member of SASS, I found a lot of the threads included Abbreviations and Acronyms that I did not understand, and with the help of Ms. Allie, a specific thread was created to address this issue. I still use it as a reference myself.

     Hopefully, my endeavors will help potential shooters want to join SASS.



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