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  1. "On the Atchison, Topeka, and the Santa Fe" (This one is Cowboy themed) Judy Garland won an Oscar for best song (1946)
  2. Smuteye: It actually does look better.
  3. Thanks Joe. Always enjoy seeing old newspaper articles, especially when they reflect the types of funny memes that get posted to our forum. I have to admit though that your title had me thinking a different rank confusion:
  4. Revolutionary War Grenade Grenades of this type played and important battle in the biggest naval battle of the Revolutionary War. The Bon Homme Richard under the command of Captain John Paul Jones entered into a battle with the British ship the Serapis. The Serapis was a much faster and heavier ship. As the battle continued, the two ships end up side by side. Jones relied on the eighteen pound large cannons in the gun room. As six of the cannons were discharged, two of the fired guns burst. This explosion blew out the deck above and killed a large number of the people below. Jones was force to abandon his most powerful weapons. As the firing halted, British Captain Pearson asked Jones if he was surrendering. Jones’s comment has endured the test of time. He replied, “I have not yet begun to fight.” The fighting continued but with the battle guns disabled there was little the Bon Homme Richard could do. As the crew of the Serapis fought below, the seamen of the Bon Homme Richard began throwing grenades onto the upper two decks of the Serapis. Others followed suit, throwing the grenades through the ports of the Serapis. One seaman climbed to the very end of a yard arm and with a bucket of grenades achieved such precision that he was able to land grenades through the main hatchway. The powder-boys of the Serapis carelessly laid out a row of cartridges on the main deck. One of the grenades hit lose powder setting off a domino effect igniting one cartridge after another. The explosion was devastating to the Serapis. It is estimated that 60 men were instantly disabled by the single, well placed grenade. The Serapis was permanently disabled and the Bon Homme Richard under John Paul Jones was victorious.
  5. Welcome back. Nothing's changed here in the Saloon. Same rowdy crowd.
  6. Hardpan: I'm making the assumption that for Armadillo and Opossum there is no need for "hollow point"? My goal is to be effective in the kill and not have the varmint suffer. I prefer not to have to take a second shot to be the "kill shot".
  7. Sixgun: If that assumption is made, then those times when the bullet does ricochet by happenstance upon hitting a rock, or grouping of gravel, and if so, would a change in the bullet make-up, (ie. lead hollow point, expanding plastic, etc.) prevent such ricochets from occurring upon hitting those harder items? In the end, could it merely be said that preventing a ricochet PERIOD, is not obtainable based on the ammo being used?
  8. Alpo: On the ground (see above in RED). Sounds like a viable option for squirrels (which I use my Gamo Whisperquiet air rifle for); however, may not have enough power to kill a thick skinned opossum or the armored armadillo.
  9. Sixgun: I believe that is what I am currently using; however, the occasional ricochet still occurs. Much like a rock skipping across the water (which one assumes the rock would sink upon impact) the bullet is ricocheting off a piece of pine bark, leaf, hard dirt, etc. I will check when I get back home and post what is currently being loaded in my Henry.
  10. Alpo: Typical distance is as close as I can get, depending on the varmint. Rabbits are more skittish, Armadillo if they smell you, Opossum same thing. The majority of the times it is less than 50 feet. What makes the Super Colibri fit my request?
  11. For those who may not be aware, the baby is his Harley.
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