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  1. I’ll take the frock coat #2 if still available. PM payment address for USPS money order. CP
  2. I am looking into getting a pair in the near future.
  3. Please send info on the plain saddle with right hand cross draw on left side. Price, measurement, loops (45,38..) Any shotgun belts?
  4. Thank you sir, clears up my question CP
  5. No, not mixing powders, just trying to estimate velocities for different powder weights, within the min and max recommended from the manufacturers loading data. I am glad to hear from you, and look forward in seeing you at the next Ten Horns shoot! CP
  6. looking at a specific powder to reload, the min charge will provide x velocity, and the max is y velocity. If I interpolate, a powder charge within the min and max, will the result be in the ball park, knowing that pressure is not constant? CP
  7. Is this CG still available? If so are both barrels Imp Cyl?
  8. That is really nice! someone is going to have a great looking Coach Gun
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