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  1. Jim Leadbetter-----sent ya a pm about shipping crossdraw holsters!!-----Dirty
  2. O.K.----looks like crossdraw rif sold to J.L.------still got the custom made double strong side fast draw rig for sale!! It's fancy & swanky-----almost new condition!!!--$300 shipped!!!!
  3. Jim------consider em yours-------sending ya a p.m. on sass wire with info about details of sale---address & such---that helps keep ya personal info outa public-------its probably too late for me to be calling ya tonight so I'll give ya a call tomorrow!!---Dirty
  4. Heck I'm still working on getting less than 30 MINUTES per stage!!!
  5. Belts are 36 in center-----crossdraw rig made by GunLeather Inc.-Ft.Worth---cartg. loops are 45 ----excellent shape good stiff leather---$150 shipped-------Two toned fancy double strong side rig really fancy & glitzty--- cartg loops are 38's-made by retired leather craftsman outa Waco--(family member)---almost new condition----$300 shipped-----both sets fit o.m. 5&1/2 Vaqueros!!
  6. Mine came from thing Gabby Hayes did in a lot of the old movies-----hero would be talking to him about what the movies bad guy had done and Gabby's reply would be "why that dirty low down"---whoever the hero was --Gene or Roy--would interrupt him before he could finish up on saying dirty low down whatever *****::^^### of *****------!!
  7. Some how my mother scraped together enough $$ to buy me a hs class ring---1961---still have it safely stored away--lot of sentiment there---had a long career of working as electronic tech----no rings or watches-----metal & electricity don't mix so good------especially high voltage on pict. tubes of old TV's & video equipt----went thru a phase in 1990 of going to Las Vegas a lot--bought me a big ol gold nugget w/ diamonds ring & gold nugget wristwatch for fancy doings --hate to think what woulda happened to me if I'd ever worn any of that while my hands were around high voltage---sheesh!!-----Retired long time now--so I do wear wedding ring now -----all the other stuff is in a jewelery box stored away!!!
  8. Got a pair of the stainless -4&5/8 barrel-short gripframe -single sixes-white grips-----32 H&R mag-----shoot my reloads w/ 115 gr lead bullets-----They do great----never had a knockdown fail to go down---dang accurate & fun to shoot!!!
  9. Well for me Rugers been dang good---started playing this game nearly 22 yrs ago----bought new set o Vaqueros in 44 mag---later on a pair o 45 Vaquero Beasleys followed me home---got addicted and overdosed on a pair o 45 colt sheriffs models & a pair o 357 sheriffs models --thought I was recovering well then one day Ruger came out w/ the 32 mag baby Vqueros-had to have em----------Each & every one of has only need smoothing out by lubeing w/FLITZ & dry fireing 3 or 4 hundred times----have NEVER had any kind o problem outa any o them-------aint no fast shooter but got a bunches o awards for clean matches---I like hitting what I'm shooting at!!
  10. Fought that blowback problem in my Marlin .45----tried all sorts o fixes------settled on 250 gr bullet --no more blowback----no big difference in shooting (recoil etc)------problem solved!!!
  11. TTT------these will be a gift to a new kid in the neighborhood-----pm me ya mailing info & I'll send em to ya!!--Dirty
  12. TTT-----got a feeling they gonna fit----belt has loops for 22 cartgs----ya probably gonna need to have it worked on to make it fit her-- some one w/sewing machine or Chicago screw rivets---20 ga slide on shotgun shell holder well used but good----if ya wanna give it a try I'll send em to ya!!!----Dirty
  13. Oh darn it ya post wanted slide for 22's & using a 94 22----I was thinking pistols were gonna be 22's also ----got a nice little starter rig for 4&1/2 in. single sixes!----Dirty
  14. TTT----what kinda o pistols she need holsters to fit & any idea bout waist size---might have something around here needs to be used!!---Dirty
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