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  1. Got one of what Marshall Hangtree posted about------stamped CIA--Georgia, Va.----JW 2000----12 ga coachgun-----excellent condition---used very little-- $500 shipped to your FFL------gun works great ---shooter got old rusted up & wore out ---had to quit shooting!!
  2. OK we gonna give Midwestgunworks a try & see what their extractor turns out to be!!
  3. I got a 18 year old Stoger 20 ga coachgun that the extractor messed up-----have bought new one twice ----paperwork w/ them states machine work might have to be done to make it fit----had one machined to fit in space--------but the darn grove in it that rim of shotgun shell fits into is way to big for a 20 ga shell----the 2 pins that hold it place would eliminate machineing inside edge of it------I'm guessing they keep sending me one for a 12ga or something--------anyway anyone got a older parts gun in 20 ga that still got a extractor???
  4. may not be what ya looking for but I got a set of buscedero style black for 7&1/2 in. Vaqueros --cart loops are 38----waist size stamped on belt is 38----its made in Mexico ( a cheapie) well used ---$80 shipped to ya!!
  5. Unlike Tyrel----I ain't that tuff----I hate getting cold----if its gonna be a day to wear a long coat--I usually go w/ cross draw on left --------unbutton coat----left hand holds coat outa way been known to reach behind my self & hold right side of coat outa way------but then shooting time is NEVER been something I took in consideration!!!
  6. This time of the year------Mt. Rushmore is darned cold----most of area is an open air theather kinda deal that's a ways from sights --as bad as weather has been in the Dakotas recently Ithings may not be open to public-been 20 years since I was there --to get closer was only by tour bus thing ya paid to go on------casinos in area are warmer got good food & fun& games!!!!! But then I'm a old fart that hates to get cold!!!!!!
  7. Thanks Chili-----I'll be letting daughter make her choice between Beretta & the Ruger lcp-----she's a little bitty gal so size of pistol will be a big thing--it'll have to go in pocket or purse----me personaly I always tend to go for a revolver! But it gonna be her choice---just gotta kinda push her in right direction!!
  8. O.K.----been considering the little Taurus tip up barrel 22 semi for a present for our daughter-----post on wire recently made me aware that Baretta made one also (that I was overlooking)-----sounding like I need to dig out some more $$ and go the Beretta route !! years ago I had some good Taurus pistols --a 45 acp ported barrel semi & a 44 spec snub nose revolver ---they were both heavy to carry but great shooters!!
  9. Thanks Alpo---next time I get around larger dealer--(in Memphis I'll check the 21 out)
  10. Hmmmmm----Trigger Mike mentioning Beretta making one in .22 never seen one was kinda thinking (hopeing?) they did------Gonna be buying a pistol for our daughter to carry----was kinda looking at the Taurus in 22 but never heard any thing about them!-----plus or neg-----the tip up barrel & double action one thing that's a plus ----I don't want her to be having to let hammer down on a live round----she's very inexperienced about guns-----had a Beretta Tomcat in 32 many years ago it was nice but 32-25 or 22 lr not much difference to target----22 cartgs much cheaper & she could do a lot more target shooting & get used to shooting it-------let her try my snub nose 38 recoil was to much for her------be nice if someone made a very small 22 da revolver---
  11. Loosing things------no way--------rembering folks names----HMMM whole different ballgame!!!
  12. Well just after posting this am about no twisters hitting here heard from our daughter who lives about 40 miles away one touched down about 2 miles from their home --tore up 5 or 6 houses & several barns----they spent the early morning hours hiding in bathtub--they ok tho-------then our power went out --seems high winds damaged a lot of trees & some finally came on down & took out major lines & transformers--------power just a short while ago came back-----they did a good job getting power back up in about 5 hrs----was figuring on having to get out extra blankets cause its getting cold FAST-----yesterdays high was 69 before storm tonight its gonna drop to 29----same weather guy saying Springfield Mo. gonna go to 18------Lumpy & JBar &the other guys better break out the long handle underwear------
  13. Well appearently Lumpy & JBar kept the majority of tornados over there -----1 or 2 made it to this area but didn't touch down--seeing on news about wind damage to places 30 miles or so from here----we got a lot o rain tho!----several roads got water across em-gonna take a while for it to run off!
  14. Lumpy---I would appreciate it greatly if you & J Bar would just keep thet stuff over there --I really don't need it-------weather forecast got it working it's way to here about 5 am---(about 30 miles north of Memphis Tn.)
  15. Be interesting to see----put marble tang on mine ---the short screw that goes on front of sight after a while -hole loosen up & sight moved around----so I filled hole W/epoxy & put screw in it-----so far It's holding up!!!!-----Next time if it loosens up I'll try some Redneck Magic & get out the DuctTApe!!! Hee Hee!!!
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