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  1. Fancy-----just sold my pair o single six 32's --if ya get the kids some & start looking for leather for em -I got 2 sets of double strong side holsters for 4&5/8 barrel single sixes----brown set new --store bought triple k brand and 1 black custom made--very little usage ------cartg. belts are for 34 waist--loops tho are for 38's-----gonna have to move them on!!!
  2. Wreckster----got ya pm----returned ya one & sent picts to ya number---let me kinow if ya got em!!-----Dirty
  3. One of things to consider is regulation codes about installation of gas & elect.---if it's not done according to codes in your area & anything bad ever happens ya homeowners insurance gonna say no way Jose-----a licensed professional installation is best way to go in the long run!!
  4. Lumpy they are 98------which should mean it was manfuctured in 2002 ?? think I remember buying it for wife in Dec. of 02----- Just found receipt of when I bought it------it was Dec. 2002-----Dirty
  5. Got a excellent condition --completely factory stock -JM stamped -94 c---18 in. barrel----357 mag or 38 spl caliber------has only had about 4 to 500 rounds thru it---no dings or scratches--- stock mag tube spring will let ya load 10 -38 spl. if ya using 115 or 125 gr bullets --(spring needs to be shortened )----$800 shipped to ya FFL---------my puter got a hang up & won't do picts any more----but if ya interested & got a cell phone PM me & I can send ya picts that way!!---------Dirty Low Down
  6. Howdy Dirty Low Down: Did you do anything with those 32s ?

    Polecat Joe

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    2. Dirty Low Down sass 23492

      Dirty Low Down sass 23492

      Polecat--------will send ya some picts in morning---so you can see what we dealing with----daughter has cell phone with her & shes gone out for the evening!----Shure wish I was in Miami area-----its 27 degrees here & I had to go  out for a while & now I'm shivering & hugging space heater!!! Getting old ain't for sissies!!! If after ya see picts & you want 32's--I'll need a postal money order for the $1400 & shipping info &FFL # for the FFL ya want me to ship em to---------Dirty

    3. polecat joe

      polecat joe

      Good.. Please check,  I believe you originally  had listed them for $1350.00 shipped FFL to FFL but I don't have a problem with $1400.00.


    4. Dirty Low Down sass 23492

      Dirty Low Down sass 23492

      polecat----I think I posted the $1350 figure before local FFL's went up on their fees----we'll go w/ $1400 & if I can talk FFL into charging his old fee--I'll refund ya the $50------the phone # I sent ya the picts on is daughters phone she is not here more than she is here so we'll use house phone if we need to talk----901-835-4002--------Charles Metcalfe ---97 Abby Rd.----Drummonds,Tn.-----38023-------email-----Metcalfe2@rittermail.com-----------Dirty

  7. Might be more than ya looking for---but I got a pair of em---only had about 300 rounds fired thru each of em-----stainless--4&1/2 in. barrels (?)--white factory grips--short grip frame----have to sell em as a pair only-------$1350----shipped ffl to ffl-----also have some really nice holsters for em if ya waist size 36 to 38------Dirty Low Down
  8. Got a VERY VERY pristine Marlin 94c---JM stamped 357/38----only had about 300 rounds thru it----every thing factory stock about it---smooth action for factory rig-----will hold 10 rounds 0 38's if ya using 115 0r 125 rnfp cartridges in it!!-----$850 shipped to FFL!-----Also got a Very nice fancy custom made double strong side holsters for 5 !/2 Vaqueros----waist size 34 to 38-----45cal cartg loops------$300 shipped-DLD
  9. Got a made in china ---12 ga mule ear hammers coachgun------made by Zhongzhon Machine Works------never found a brand name-----good condition---never been used enough to smooth out action yet--still kinda stiff but not defective---stock got a little boo-boo error they made in it just under one o the hammers-------can ship it to ya ffl for $ 450---------if ya interested I'll try to post some picts-----------Dirty Low Down
  10. Here's a custom made set made for me by my cousin down in Waco------used very little ---for 36 in waist -for 5&1/2 in Vaqueros-------cartg loops tho are fpr 45----ship em to ya for $300------
  11. Flaco Joe------------I got a Wah Maker frontier clothing------frock coat--black-- size 42---its the model that stops just above ya knees ---not mid calves like ya see in movie Tombstone or so------only wore a few times-------couple o vest to go w/it-----------only problem is I smoke & its been hanging in my closet for years-----wife said anyone who is non smoker would definitely want to have it dry cleaned----it needs to be used-----its yours if ya want it!!!
  12. Got one of what warden was saying to ya-------Wife wanted to shoot a few years back----then she changed her mind about shooting------anyway part of what I bought for her was a new Marlin 94c--18 &1/2 in barrel----357/38 spec.-----excellent condition---pristine shape-----only had 2 or 3 hundred rounds fired thru it-----J.M. stamped-----s/n starts w/ 98 so that makes it mfg. date in 2002-----Red Head hard plastic carring case-------shipped to your ffl for $900------Dirty Low Down Oh yeah if ya looking fpr pistols for the Mrs I got an excellent pair of stainless single six 32 H&R mag Rugers
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