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  1. Flaco Joe------------I got a Wah Maker frontier clothing------frock coat--black-- size 42---its the model that stops just above ya knees ---not mid calves like ya see in movie Tombstone or so------only wore a few times-------couple o vest to go w/it-----------only problem is I smoke & its been hanging in my closet for years-----wife said anyone who is non smoker would definitely want to have it dry cleaned----it needs to be used-----its yours if ya want it!!!
  2. Got one of what warden was saying to ya-------Wife wanted to shoot a few years back----then she changed her mind about shooting------anyway part of what I bought for her was a new Marlin 94c--18 &1/2 in barrel----357/38 spec.-----excellent condition---pristine shape-----only had 2 or 3 hundred rounds fired thru it-----J.M. stamped-----s/n starts w/ 98 so that makes it mfg. date in 2002-----Red Head hard plastic carring case-------shipped to your ffl for $900------Dirty Low Down Oh yeah if ya looking fpr pistols for the Mrs I got an excellent pair of stainless single six 32 H&R mag Rugers
  3. O.K.---so I'm gonna sit over here by my self-----love it best--just chill it off good in refrigerator--open can slice it up --put on bread or biscuit--little bit o Miracle Whip---thin slice of tomato----get outta my way yum yum!!!!!
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