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  1. TTT------these will be a gift to a new kid in the neighborhood-----pm me ya mailing info & I'll send em to ya!!--Dirty
  2. TTT-----got a feeling they gonna fit----belt has loops for 22 cartgs----ya probably gonna need to have it worked on to make it fit her-- some one w/sewing machine or Chicago screw rivets---20 ga slide on shotgun shell holder well used but good----if ya wanna give it a try I'll send em to ya!!!----Dirty
  3. Oh darn it ya post wanted slide for 22's & using a 94 22----I was thinking pistols were gonna be 22's also ----got a nice little starter rig for 4&1/2 in. single sixes!----Dirty
  4. TTT----what kinda o pistols she need holsters to fit & any idea bout waist size---might have something around here needs to be used!!---Dirty
  5. Grizzly------they ain't Dillon-but I got a new-& unused R.C.B.S.-3 die carbide set-45 Colt/Schofield--no cartg. holder tho---most die sets don't include em & ya have to buy it separate--$6 or so!-------Ship em to ya for $50-----Dirty
  6. Never used any Dillon equipt-----not shure if RCBS dies will fit--I think they will-but I been wrong more than once----Got a set of RCBS---3 cowboy die carbide dies 45 colt/schofield---NEW never used--as with most die sets cartridge holder is not included--(ya have to buy it separate $5 or $6)------just looked on Midway sight-they wanting $66 for em plus shipping----if they will work for ya I'll ship em to ya for $55-------Dirty
  7. Darn it the button stuck & posted picts twice--sorry bout that!
  8. Lynyrd-----don't know what waist size ya need---this set is for 36 in but will fit 38 in pretty good---made by gunleather inc outta Ft.Worth----if a crossdraw interest ya----cartg.loops are 45 tho--but anyone w/leather sewing machine can refit em to 38--$150 shipped to ya--Dirty
  9. Hot Iron----if I can get these pictures to come up here are a couple to consider-- both sets are for ya (& my)waist size-------made for o.m. vaqueros--5&1/2 barrels--------crossdraw set is made by gunleather inc outa Ft.Worth----cartg loops are .45----$150 &$15 shipping-----the two tone set was made by a family member of mine who was a career leather craftsman--from Waco---one excellent custom set----cartg. loops are for 38's-----$300 &$15 shipping-------Dirty Low Down
  10. Trigger---for a lot o years now whenever clothes I wore wouldn't cover a pistol -little Davis 22mag derringer is in my pocket--if needed ---something to slow things down til I can get hold of something bigger or get the he---ll out of there!!!
  11. Trigger---that's always been the case---Lower price for a good hand gun is one of their main selling points --that was one of their original ideas even way back when they first got in business-------bad side of em tho is they are lots heavier than other brands!
  12. AW WWW--Lumpy to me it's true---I'll go for my revolvers first any time----love them wheel guns------yeah I'll agree I can reload about any of my calibs. cheaper than store bought 22 mags but daughter can't handle recoil of bigger calibs & 22 mag has a little more k/d power than just a 22 lr-----not buying it for targets or fun shooting----strictly for self defense-----i'll just have to eat the extra expense of buying factory ammo til she learns how to handle a gun! & for now don't even wanna think about her having to let hammer safely down on a live round in a s/a so it's gotta be a d/a !
  13. Trigger-----are they a lot larger than the little NAA mini's and are they d/a ??-----Reason I'm asking is I'm fixing to buy our daughter a 22 pistol of some kind-----she is a adult but kinda tiny-----my snub nose 38 is too much recoil for her---my way o thinking is d/a revolvers are highly preffered over semi's----------Dirty
  14. If ya gonna be using it a lot ---get a good one-------cheap scopes are a waste o money & a pain in the rear !!
  15. Dutch-----don't know how they get by with it but ya can still get bulbs at dollar stores that get pretty hot------they not fully like old fashioned bulbs----instance being 100 w bulb label reads only uses 88 w---this type is what they came up with just before ban went into effect & they still allow em to be sold-----cheaper than the led's & such but they don't seem to have a long life span!!
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