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  1. Thank you very much. I appreciate it very much and I work very hard to support the sport, that supports me, in anyway that I can. I usually stock as many Federal primers as I can afford and sell at matches and from my shop...I haven’t ever shipped primers because of the hassle and... I can’t buy them as well as the big companies ... and there’s not any $$$ in them much anyway... I DO sell APP (and drop ship by the case), Clean Shot (ShootersWorld Powders) and can drop ship for additional hazmat... Thanks, OLG! I appreciate your support and feedback!! Big hugs!! Scarlett
  2. Primers are not available from me except in the form of ammunition! ..and, I’m beginning to get nervous.... and I am not (never have) shipping primers though I do ship APP by the case and can, if necessary, ship ShootersWorld powders. We look for primers every day and will load cartridges until we can’t. We have loads of other components... I did remove the cartridges from my website and ask folks to call me because I am not gonna sell to a non cowboy... I’m in this business BECAUSE of cowboys and FOR cowboys..so that’s who gets first dibs. Big hugs! Scarlett
  3. Scarlett

    TO question

    I wear a mask because I do not want to GET sick because so many of my pards don’t socially distance or wear masks.. And I don’t know where they have been or with whom they have been in contact. if I’m TO, I’m wearing a mask. If I need to speak to the shooter, I can lower the mask (standing behind shooter and give instructions or whatever) or place my hand on the shooters back/shoulder if I need to stop them. I’ve never been told by folks that I speak too softly! I timed half the posse for 6 stages last month with a mask and there were no issues. In fact, I think that I was a better TO wearing the mask because I was paying extra attention. Big hugs! Scarlett
  4. Scarlett

    TO question

    I am often the LONE mask wearer at local matches... I wear one the whole match when NOT shooting... brass picking, timing, spotting, whatever. I got a bit of ridicule when I showed up with a mask ... (yes, Cypress Sun has a very valid point, though I’m not yet ready to say the Cowboy Way is a crock of shit, it’s on life support with some pards..). I love this game. I love that it’s my business, too! I also love my husband (extra risk factors) and my neighbors, known and unknown, enough that I’m willing to endure the minor inconvenience of wearing a mask to stop the spread of this virus. Big hugs. Scarlett
  5. Federal small pistol primers will be available when Federal has loaded up all the ammo (9mm presumably) they need for stores...they are their own FIRST best customer. My primer needs have grown exponentially because I offer cowboy ammo. I get far better return on investment on primers when I sell them in a cartridge vs by the case to my bullet customers... so I get where Federal is coming from... I hope that they catch up soon... Big hugs! Scarlett
  6. Congratulations, Billy! Sorry I’m not there to congratulate you in person!! Great big hugs!!! Scarlett
  7. I realized too late about the shotshells...I tried to delete but didn’t know how (bless my heart ) Big hugs! Scarlett
  8. Forgot to post this https://www.amazon.com/LEE-PRECISION-90230-Prime-Priming/dp/B000N8LCDS
  9. Glad your APP arrived! I have a Lee hand priming tool that I use VERY on the rarest occasions. I used to load on a single stage press and though hand priming would be easy. It’s not my favorite way to prime and...since I’ve gotten really busy in my business progressive loading is all I really do now. I’ll follow this post to see what others have to say! Big hugs! Scarlett
  10. I have been shipping a LOT with UPS lately and have had no delays...(cowboy cartridges). I create label and it tells me when package will arrive and ...it does. Cancel the order and place another one! Big hugs! Scarlett
  11. Nope... just moved to Laurens, SC near Greenville. Neat little town!
  12. I used Pro Grip and it works well but switched to @Slick McClade’s Magic Hand Chalk after I forgot my Pro Grip and a Cowboy gave me Slick’s stuff loved it ... it’s not as chalky and works great. Plus, it’s a cowboy owned business, so that makes it even better! Happy Trails and Big Hugs! Scarlett
  13. @Preacherman I hope recovery from whatever befell you is quick! @Waimea, hope you find the next best partner! I’m moving my shop that week or I’d be there... Big hugs! Scarlett
  14. The APP is very...hydroscopic...I think that’s the word...draws moisture... so it needs the desiccant bag... I was told to look for it when pouring into my hopper... I use a funnel so it catches it in case it sneaks by me. It’s good someone told me ...I’m not big on reading the labels. Give BP another shot! It’s such fun and the APP is easy clean up! Big hugs! Scarlett
  15. And who was it again who asked you to start carrying APP? YOU!! It was YOU!!! My BP buddy!!! Thank you so much for NEVER leading me astray... I can do THAT all on my own! Big hugs!!! Scarlett
  16. Mangled case... I think it was from a vendor who May have repackaged ... which would be a violation.... but yes, a mangled brass case!
  17. One caveat - make sure what you’re coating with. ... (full disclosure, I’m in the bullet business and sell lubed and hi-tek coated bullets). POWDER coat (like from Harbor Freight) is for car parts etc and can contain high amounts of silica (bad for barrel). Hi-tek polymer coating contains NO SILICA. Just beware! Big hugs!!
  18. And, if you’re in doubt and want a quick answer...call me. APP can be hard to get on the phone. 843-833-0770. I load for myself and shoot it! I love it!! Oh, yeah...full disclosure... I sell it, too! Big hugs!! Scarlett
  19. Here is the deal...we (my husband and I) introduced the owner of APP to the owner of ShootersWorld. ShootersWorld has very good and growing connections in the retail market - with Graf’s, Powder Valley, Brownells, Midway etc... and APP does not. Several wholesalers were asking SW for a BP sub... Therefore, SW is marketing APP 3F under the label Multi Black. We will try to carry APP packaged 3F with the SW Multi Black Label - which is super cool... For those of you who shoot BP only a little...it will soon be available in Sportsman’s Warehouse, too. I am a distributor for both ShootersWorld and APP.... there is NO FUNNY BUSINESS... it’s just private labeling. It’s APP 3F and SW is also offering 50gr pellets for muzzleloaders. Hopefully, this means MORE FOLKS will start shooting BP SUB!!! Questions? Call or email me. 843-833-0770 bulletsbyscarlett@gmail.com Big SMOKY hugs! Scarlett
  20. I had a customer tell me he found a mangle case in his powder measure...he said it had to have come from the factory with the case in it! Just to be clear ... it wasn’t Clean Shot! it was one of St. Mark’s Powder Company powders. I have heard other stories but I am too tired from moving to remember them! Hugs! Scarlett
  21. I do hope you’ll reach out to me! I ship all over. I love love love talking to new shooters...and old shooters...cowboys...cowgirls! Heck, I just love talking to the wonderful folks who play this game and have FUN!! Oh, and as you have probably noticed...we are NOT a shy bunch and don’t mind photographers at all! Look forward to chatting with you and to meeting you and your son at Winter Range 2021! Great big hugs!! Scarlett 843-833-0770
  22. Welcome and congratulations!!! I shall give you a great big hug when we meet and this dadgum virus is behind us! Big hugs! Scarlett Darlin’ JEDI #251
  23. Amen! However, I agree with @Arkansas Harper about distraction. If I’ve holstered a pistol (I shoot gunfighter), let me go...I think it’s a situation by situation call depends on the TO and the shooter. If I’m running the timer, I pretty much know if @Captain Bill Burt is shooting he’s got it but if a newer or less experienced shooter is shooting, it can be distracting and even dangerous to try to save a miss... Big hugs... Scarlett
  24. I have a customer who loads 44 Russian with Holy Black. If you’d like to speak to him, please email me at bulletsbyscarlett@gmail.com and I will put you in touch! He uses them in his rifle, as well as his pistols. Big hugs!! Scarlett
  25. I know how hard this was for you and appreciate the advance notice. I attended last year and it was SO WELL DONE! If those of you reading this are making plans for 2021...this is a fun and well run match! Great big hugs!! Scarlett
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