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  1. I have 2 cases Federal SPP on the way from Natchez. $989. SC adds tax $82 and $19.95 shipping and hazmat. I prefer paying the extra for known product however, I am interested to hear how they perform. Hugs! Scarlett
  2. If any of you Match Directors need a match photographer…call Paparazzi Pahl! He and Gwen (his bride) take great pictures and know how to get good action shots! Or NOT action shots! he got this one PRE-Action. You know… lipstick is as important as ammo!
  3. Thanks! @KingSnake makes the Brass Magazine end caps that I sell. They look pretty AND allow for easy removal so that the MOST NEGLECTED part of our rifles is easily accessible to clean!! $15 plus $5 shipping. https://bulletsbyscarlett.com/shop/ols/products/knurled-brass-magazine-end-cap-7366 Hugs! Scarlett
  4. I got you! Haven’t been on the wire in a bit because I’ve been out of town to two match’s and JUST GOT HOME! Great big hugs! Scarlett
  5. THAT’S the spirit, Capt Bill! Happy hugs! Scarlett
  6. You are a GENIUS!! I was cleaning my guns after the BP mini match today and someone thought I “also cleaned guns”! I told him that I cleaned my OWN guns… and that there wasn’t a person on the range that had enough money for me to clean their guns! Lol There is definitely a niche market for a Gun Valet service! Hugs! Scarlett
  7. This happened to me at a BP match. It caused much conversation. All knockdown stage. - 20 total P/R knockdowns. any KD still standing could be made up with SG. Makeups were fired at the KD targets - not a separate make up target. pistols - got knockdowns. Rifle - got 7 knockdowns and had split case I couldn’t get out. This was last stage of what would have been clean match so I tried valiantly to get case out so I could continue…to no avail. I declared BROKEN GUN and moved to SG to make up the 3 standing and TO screamed STOP, PM screamed SHOOT. TO and PM had discussion. I didn’t care but the TO and PM disagreed so we got MD to make call. Final call - which I agree with 100%. The stage called for 10 rifle shots. Only those targets that were, in fact, engaged could be made up. I could not “make up” for rounds I did not shoot. Jacking a round out is not, in my opinion, engaging the target. Misfire is different. Had I been able to “make up” those three standing plates I would have had a clean match. Firing the three additional SG rounds would have added (easily with my skill level at the time) 15 + seconds to my total time. I wish firing 10 and can’t make up for jacked rounds would become the convention because there are folks who could/would easily Jack rounds out - gaining a competitive advantage… Just my thoughts. I’ll be quiet now and wait for @Branchwater Jack SASS #88854 to weigh in. Big hugs! Scarlett
  8. Congratulations!! Welcome to the Jedi family! If you’re at Guns of August I’ll give you a Welcome Jedi Hug! Hugs! Scarlett Jedi #235
  9. I shot with Count Sandor and Partner’s Parner TODAY!! Really looking forward to the match and we travel with Thermacells and bug spray! Hugs!! Scarlett
  10. Hmmm maybe it was a typo! Good for you for finding it! Hugs! Scarlett
  11. Ours are sized after coating…they’re coated 3 times.
  12. It was an outstanding match! My best finish ever shooting the smoky stuff gunfighter style and a wonderful group of people! The stages were absolutely amazing!!Thanks, Fast Eddie and crew for an amazing match. Love and hugs! Scarlett
  13. The 125gr bullets I sell (and shoot) have no lube grooves OR crimp grooves. No extraordinary crimping is required to keep from collapsing in to the case in a rifle… the benefits are: you can adjust the OAL for your desired length specific to your rifle. Also, as for no lube groove - why have a lube groove for no lube? As for us, when replacing molds during Covid, the no grooves makes sense. They cast a better bullet, coat more evenly, are easier to inspect for quality… not a sales post but I’ve sold thousands of this bullet profile over the last year and a half and have heard of NO issues…
  14. I know of 3. One restarted after drawing pistol (and cocked it) realizing rifle was first. Shooter and TO failed to check pistol. When shooter got to pistol, touched trigger and it fired through holster and into thigh. Dr left it there. Two, drew and cocked pistol with strong hand while putting rifle down on table and shot through hand. Third one I don’t know details other than shot self in hand. I do not know of any fatalities, thanks goodness. I do think we can be careless…not having loading table officer, “I’ve been shooting since you were born little lady, I can check my own guns” attitude is what gets folks hurt… none of us is immune from making a mistake that could result in serious injury or worse. Hugs! Scarlett
  15. FYI, Blackhorn is not “legal” for use in the Frontier Cartridge categories. However, APP is in stock! Hugs! Scarlett
  16. You know, that’s true. Thankfully, there’s no 12 Step Program for it! Big hugs and look forward to seeing you and your family in Georgia!!
  17. Fort White Cowboy Cavalry are OUTSTANDING!! They put on one heck of a match. I wasn’t at the Ladies Match however, I attend the Dark Days black powder championships every January. FWCC club is friendly! Has great bays/berms. Many are covered and there are fans for summertime. If you have the chance to go…GO! If you want to be a part of the Dark Side…come in January! I hope to be able to attend the Ladies match in 2023. I had a previous commitment this year. Big hugs and May the Smoke Be with You! Scarlett
  18. That’s simple etiquette. I’m a chatterer (I know y’all ain’t surprised)… if someone asked me a question, I’d answer it. THEN, folks on a different flight or posse would see me and ask me to save some bullets or powder back for them… that’s an occupational hazard for me - and I politely say, go see Tommy… when the shooter before me gets called up, I CLOSE my eyes and my mind to EVERYTHING but the stage and hum so I don’t hear chatter and run through the stage in my mind. MOST of the time the outcome is something I can be reasonably proud of… others? Well, it was FUN! Hugs! Scarlett
  19. Yeah, yeah, yeah…it’s a game and you have nothing to prove to ANYONE except @Red Knee with the fastest ‘97 runs on Side Match Day! For me, it’s a little of both …AND a business. Bottom line: if it weren’t FUN, I wouldn’t work so hard… I love this game/Sport and all the folks who play it! Hugs!
  20. I’m coming!! I want to be there when you shoot your first state match!! Can’t wait to see you @Ruby Ruthless SASS#105922! Hugs! Scarlett
  21. Black MZ was 2.5F from APP for Alliant. Alliant had storage issues or something and unloaded it to Sportsman’s Warehouse for CHEAP. Now, Shooters World (full disclosure, I’m rep for both SW and APP) offers Multi-Black - the same formula as Black MZ also made by APP. I say all this to clarify that there was not some huge price increase or gouging situation. It’s because the Black MZ was sold so low and we got spoiled…now we have to pay “real” money for it. @Cholla let us know what you find out in your testing! I’m gonna start shooting my 45-70 again and want to use APP! It’s gonna be fun. I’ve missed shooting long range! Big hugs! Scarlett
  22. My suppliers show our wholesale cost between $58-68. They don’t have any for me, of course, but if I needed primers? I’d buy whatever I needed for $90 or less. Hugs! Scarlett
  23. Replied to your email just a bit ago. I’m not gonna be at OH but can probably give to a cowboy in Georgia who is going…
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