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  1. As stated they are slippery and harder to get properly oriented. Around here they cost the same or maybe a dollar or two more per thousand than lubed. Biggest down side is they are not available in as many weights and profiles as lubed bullets. They are gaining popularity with IPDA crowd as they are less expensive than jacked bullets.
  2. Cell phones use one of 2 communication protocols. Global System for Mobile Communications ( GSM ) is the standard in all of Europe. AT&T and T-Mobile, and Rogers use this standard. Code division multiple access (CDMA) is used in the Americas by Verizon and Sprint, Cricket, Metro PCS and others.
  3. 22 miles for GSM and 38 miles for CDMA. Even though the signal will reach a lot further, the timing requirements of the communications protocol limits the distance. Way back when cell phones were analog and not digital the range was a lot further. That said some cell towers are configured so that their maximum range is less to minimize interference between adjacent cell towers.
  4. Young Lady was Allie Burgett http://news.gonzaga.edu/2016/senior-allie-burgett-realizes-dream-sing-national-anthem-national-finals-rodeo-dec-9
  5. Wolf Bane via an episode of Shooting Gallery on the Outdoor Channel introduced me to SASS Goody, T-Bone and lots of other fine folks at the Bar 3 got me thru my first match. Yusta B introduced me to the Dark side.
  6. Lever has a long throw. Having a shorter than normal stock helps a lot.
  7. You need to have a gunsmith repair the hammer on your 92. My wife's brand new one wouldn't cock reliably after I slicked it all up unless you cycled it like you stole it. Turned out either the hammer or the bottom of the bolt had just a little too much removed preventing the hammer from always cocking correctly. Boomstick Jay added a little more metal to the top and face of the hammer with a tig welder. He then re-profiled the hammer in his mill. The rifle now cocks reliably no matter how fast or slow the action is cycled.
  8. You really want to do at least some slicking of the 92 action. The ejector spring IMHO is a must do. Otherwise you will have a tough time locating brass thrown well behind you. It will also save a lot of damage to your empty cases. The ejector spring in a factory R92 can be strong enough to deform the fired cases as they are ejected. Next must do is reducing the trigger pull. This will do a lot to improve your accuracy. I would also do the loading gate spring modification as it will save your fingers some wear and tear without reducing the reliability of the rifle. Installing a S
  9. Most accurate in loading manuals is not necessarily based on group size. But rather the statistical data that is obtained using a chronograph and other measurement instruments. The best barrel in the world is worthless if you chosen load has excessively large ES and SD. For every firearm that is a tack driver if you chronographed the load you would find that it has a very small ES and SD.
  10. First Misty very well said. I will not quote your post but know that I have read them all. Sorry this is long but as I typed more questions popped into my head. Second while some serious mistakes appear to have been made, SASS can hopefully get past them. If everything were good and SASS was a healthy organization I would continue along none the wiser. However after all that has been posted it has painfully been brought to my attention that all may not be well. So now as a stakeholder I have concerns. My concerns have a lot more to do with where all the money is going than what I am getti
  11. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I suspect there is code that we cannot see and depending on how we edit the url affects this code and the visibility of the post.
  12. I do the same thing and it works most of the time although occasionally is doesn't. I think it has something to do with which browser/OS you are using and which plugins you have installed. It also seems to not work around the time frames that I receive updates to my browser and plugins. One setting I do have customized here on the wire is that everything is pasted as plain text. You can set this in the option button. It is the top right icon when using this window. Looks like a gear with a wrench.
  13. Open the video in another window or browser tab. Select the entire URL and then copy it. Come back to this text box and paste the url to its own line. Be sure to hit enter after pasting the url. Sometimes I don't know why but the video preview doesn't show up and all you get is the url as a link. but if you click it it will open.
  14. If they taste 10 times better than on oreo them they are worth the 0.30 each.
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