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  1. There is a Tightwad Missouri and just down the blacktop is Racket. Once upon a time there was a Bank of Tightwad. Had tens of thousands of checking accounts from all 50 states. At one time the bank had over $2 million in deposits. Pretty impressive for a town with a population of only 63
  2. One thing to keep in mind is that at different times the Italian manufacturers have used 4 or 5 different nipple lengths over the years. I have 3 1860 Armies and each one needs a different nipple length. Fortunately Track of the Wolfs sell them all in AMPCO stainless steel
  3. I have one 1860 that I had to open the frame up on in order to be able to get a cap on a nipple. It was so tight I couldn't even do it by hand. The other 2 I have did not have that issue. First used the large coarse sanding drum followed by the fine one. Once I had enough clearance I polished the surface with rouge and a buffing wheel. The applied a little cold blueing.
  4. Before I started casting my own 45-70 bullets I bought some from Acme Bullets. out of Wisconsin. When they arrived they were packed into little wooden boxes of 100 with their label branded into the box.
  5. What has me worried is the long term availability of Remington #10 caps.
  6. Takes me 3 or 4 shooters to reload both of my 1860s. Load on the gun with a homemade stand. My Stand Bottom drawer for balls Middle drawer for wrenches, cap seater, nipple prick, etc. Top is a fake drawer front to close in the open top. This is where I keep the powder flask, Lube, and anything else too big for the drawers. Rope handle is offset so that when carried the drawers don't open. Behind the pistol you can just see the holder for a syringe filled with grease. It has a plastic tip that I can insert into the cylinder and put grease on top of the ball.
  7. I use a can of compressed air with the long nozzle attached. Insert it into the nipple and give each one a short blast of air.
  8. ^^ THIS^^ Be methodical and do everything the same way every time.
  9. Each tool in the tool box is better at some things than others. It takes them all to do an effective job.
  10. Monsoon season in AZ will make your garage in SoCal feel like paradise.
  11. 1.590 OAL. Nose to crimp 0.310 Plus or minus 0.005
  12. Take both cartridge guns and your C&B guns. If the posse has 13 or more people shoot your Cap guns, if not shoot your cartridge guns. With just a little practice you'll be able to work the unloading table and still get your guns reloaded in the time it takes 3 to 4 shooters to shoot the stage. Try to not shoot dead last. This way you have time to charge cylinders. Best to shoot very close to the front or at least 4 from the end.
  13. Texas Gunslinger Bob Sanders Gunslinger Sporting Goods 3903 Ovilla Rd Red Oak, TX 75154 (972) 617-6511
  14. Why. It doesn't get you anywhere. I was stopped in Flagstaff many years ago. Wasn't speeding or anything else. Only thing I could think of was that it might be because my truck had TN tags and I was pulling a friends trailer that had CA tags. Pull into a parking lot to get off the main drag and while he is getting ready I pull out my wallet and retrieve my Drivers license, Military ID card, and registration. Cop comes up to the window and asks for license and registration. I hand all three to him, he gives it a cursory look, and gives it back. He then apologizes for stopping me. Tells me there was a truck on the hot sheet that morning that looked a lot like mine so he decided to pull me over. While I was finding a place to get off the street he has a chance to verify the description and it wasn't me but he had already started the process so he wanted to finish it and apologize for the inconvenience. I tell him it was not necessary and thank him because if it was my truck that was stolen I would want it back. He smiles and wishes me a nice day and leaves. Took all of 15 minutes start to finish. No how long do you think it would have taken if I hadn't been courteous?
  15. When you first open the link it will take you to the default location which I believe is London. Other programs will have different defaults. All you have to do is zoom out and then navigate to the Bay area. When you close the page it stores a cookie with where it was upon closing. When you reopen it starts up at this location as long as the cookie hasn't been deleted. Other sites that give similar information. https://planefinder.net/ https://flightaware.com/live/ https://globe.adsbexchange.com/
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