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  1. You boys are killing me with the Chicken Feet. I didn’t even have a dog in the fight. I went into a Porta Pot, when I turned to leave, ya got me! The foot was on the back of the door. I was done for.
  2. I never dry fire Rim Rimfire guns, thanks for the reply’s and input. I guess I’ll go shoot them and see it it’s really a problem
  3. I purchased a pair of Wranglers to day, they seem, as most things from Ruger to be high quality . I do have one concern. The travel of the two triggers is not the same. When the hammer is down one pistol has considerable travel, the other has NO TRAVEL. If I pull Back the hammer just a hair then the trigger has travel. Is the transfer bar catching on something.? The cylinder pin is all the way in as well. Anybody got any ideas?
  4. Thanks Barkeep, I thought I had lot my ability to comprehend the Schedule, see y’all Thursday
  5. Thanks Fretless, this is what I was referring to. I guess maybe Tn has a decoder ring
  6. Thanks for input TN. I still don’t see 12 or where it starts?
  7. I see on the website that the posies are up when you follow the PractiScore link. It looks like I’m on 12. I looked at the posse schedule on the NAR Website and I can’t make heads or tails of it. Is there anybody that can help lead me to the light of understanding?
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