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  1. haha i thought you meant a different forum so i havent check the answers in a while.
  2. Howdy all, So just wondering who made there basement a reloading room and how you dealt with the moist humidity. We now live in the texas panhandle and my basement if very musty but i want to convert it to a realoading room. Any suggestions? Thanks H.W
  3. If your cowboy gun is what you’re good at, why not make it your conceal carry? We are currently running a special on our PS6SA holsters, get em now for only $75! What better way to quarantine then online shop! https://www.mernickleholsters.com/products/243-ps06sa-r1-single-action/
  4. SASS Alias: Howlin Wolf SASS# 97566 Where you are from: Morgan, UT How long you've been Cowboy Action Shooting: 6 Years
  5. We will be there, with the entire family. First time all the girls have been together in a while. Its gonna be great fun. GET THE CLOWNS READY!!!
  6. Oh and for the record I am short stroked on pistols and rifle, but it doesn't make a damn difference lol I can never seem to get the W!!!
  7. I concur, its a 1 miss. Ok I normally just read, but I really feel like I need to give my 2 cents. I agree with both sides (no am not a snowflake) and think there are dual reasons for declining numbers, but there is always a fix. I have been in sass for about 5 years and have shot in many different types of matches. Last year we got to do the old fashioned cowboy shoot with the knife throwing, and riding the horse (barrel on springs). I was truly excited to see how it used to be done as was my family. We had a fantastic time and would do it again however, the numbers at the shoot were very low. I ask several SASS members and most had the same reason, they did it back in the day and that was enough. Cat Ballou and Tex were with me at this shoot and said that the knees and back were just not as young as they used to be and made these type of shoots very hard. So I feel the fix is a mixture of both, and some can be simplified like shot gun shells in beans or something to that effect. The biggest fix would be promotion and keeping the game interesting to NEW shooters. Dress up the range, give it a cowboy feel, UPDATE your old websites that make searching for info in your area ease. Websites are the now and the future, but so many clubs are so old and stuck in their ways that they don’t try and change with the times. We as SASS members have to be excited about change to bring about change. Get new board members, someone with fresh ideas that want to boost numbers. I have been a part of so many clubs that don’t like each other, or don’t like change or use the excuse well this is how we have always done it. I honestly feel WE as SASS members can boost numbers and make a difference but you have to want to not just complain about it. In the 5 short years I have been in SASS I have waddied at EOT, been appointed match director at two separate clubs, and promoted the SASS scholarship at every major event. Not tooting my own horn but again if you want change you have to make a difference. Ok fire away, sorry I am passionate about this sport and want to see it grow. Howlin Wolf
  8. I just wanted to congratulate Cobra Cat and my daughter Jade Star on their engagement. Myself and Ivy could not be happier. Cobra is a fine young man and will make a great addition to our family. Plus I would assume I get free lessons now:) Howlin Wolf
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