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  1. Anyone know how many episodes had both Dennis Weaver AND Ken Curtis in them? I have seen about 5 but I think there are more than that.... The supporting stable of cast members was extraordinary.....I liked the nickname Sgt. Holly ( Forrest Tucker) had for Marshall Dillon....Marshall Big Fist! Bugler
  2. Wow! Does everyone have a Brinnell hardness tester? I have NO idea as to what the real hardness level is on my own cast bullets...... I have been using smelted isotope balls (whatever hardness that is) in my cap & ball revolvers and my all of my 44-40 revolvers and rifles with GREAT success. Anyone know what hardness isotope balls are? Bugler
  3. Just finished watching Gunsmoke "Snow Train" on Tvland and have to say that I think it is without a doubt in MY mind the best episode EVER. How about the rest of you? Bugler
  4. To the OP's original comment....yes Dillon's Customer Service NO B.S. policy is legendary! Bugler
  5. Never knew I wasn't supposed to load Black Powder on my 550.....I've loaded many thousands of 44-40's with no issues. I am not going to tell my Dillon that it isn't supposed to do that! Bugler
  6. I have two 1860 Army revolvers (brass frame) that have stretched frames....one is a Pietta and the other a CVA. My real question is this....Will the barrel, cylinder and internal parts fit into a Uberti 1860 Army frame? I have a line on a steel Uberti frame. Bugler
  7. Bugler

    Hat question

    I noticed that many of the older actors ( Jimmy Stewart, John Wayne, James Arness, Glenn ford, Steve McQueen etc.) used the same hat ( sort of a trade mark) regardless of the movie that they were in....Not that they all wore the exact same style as each other.....the same style from movie to movie for each of them. Hope I am making sense.... Did they use their own hats in the movies or did the props people make sure that it was the same? I understand using the same hat and clothing for continuity within the same production......just wondering. Bugler
  8. People actually clean their primer pockets? Never heard of such a thing!! Bugler
  9. You are only limited by your imagination......Much you probably already have, if not many find great stuff at a Goodwill type store.....shirts for less than .25 cents etc.... Bugler
  10. I ONLY use ....whatever is on sale! I refuse to have a gun be primer specific.Seems like I am using a bunch of Winchesters and S&B with ZERO malfunctions. Bugler
  11. i JB Weld the loading gate tab on every '66 I get....fresh out of the box or well used....saves a LOT of frustration and disappointment to boot! I posted a pictorial tutorial of this on another thread. Bugler
  12. also, be prepared to explain to the Match Director/TO that you are NOT violating the 170 by using any of the drawing methods for cavalry flap over holsters, especially when you are using two of them. The Cavalry Twist Draw is an approved method by SASS. Bugler
  13. Keep us posted as to which method you end up using..... Bugler
  14. That is the exact rig that I am using.....as mentioned , not super fast, but is not as slow as many would have you believe.... There are many methods of drawing from the flap over holsters. Over the years there have been many posts on the various methods...ie....cavalry twist draw, drawing the gun upside down and rotating, simply rotating the gun in the holster as you are at the loading table being summoned to the line...etc I have used them all..... Bugler
  15. Reinforcing the loading gate tab is the FIRST thing I do with any '66 I acquire whether it is Brand new as yours is or well used . I posted a tutorial on another post. This has been around for a long time and I claim NO credit for it other than I found it again to help another '66 shooter. Get some JB Weld at the hardware or auto parts store and follow the tutorial....you will NEVER have a problem with it. Nice to have that kind of confidence in your gear!! Bugler
  16. What we’re going to do is create a fillet of JB Weld behind the tab so once the gate is removed, degrease it, and use some sandpaper to rough up the back side of the tab as well as the base where you will be applying the epoxy. Then just apply the JB Weld to create the reinforcing fillet like below. After it sets but before it fully cures you’re going to need to take a knife or file and trim the material where it meets the tab so that the tab will fit in the notch of the receiver. This is where it must fit. The tab doesn’t actually get pushed all the way into the notch when loading a round and as a matter of fact my tab reinforcement didn’t actually interfere with the notch but I trimmed it a bit anyway. So that’s all there is to it, probably a 20 minute job and this gate should last forever.
  17. I found this excellent article..... Reinforcing the Uberti Winchester 1866 loading gateKey this into your search engine and it should take you right there....great photos and tutorial. Bugler
  18. As an active Silhouette Competitor, I often see gear for sale or trade.....will keep my eyes and ears open for you..... Bugler
  19. OP, Doesn't matter if the '66 is New In the Box or well used, the first thing I do is remove the side plates, remove the loading gate and reinforce it with JB weld like many have already mentioned. This is usually available at the hardware store or automotive parts store. After hardening, you may have to file the contour for proper fit.....After that is done you will NEVER have to deal with that issue again! There are many You Tube videos on this if you want or need a good tutorial. Bugler
  20. Are you wanting to compete in NRA Heavy Rifle or Sporter division? Total weight of the rifle makes a difference....A 54 action would most likely be in Heavy rifle. I use either my 54MS Anschutz or a Remington 541T in Heavy Rifle and a Remington Model 5 or 581 for Sporter....Am AAA in both divisions. Bugler PS. You might take a serious look at a CZ 452/455.....less money than the Anschutz and is nearly as accurate. Mine will shoot nickel size 10 shot groups with Eley Black Box at 100 meters over a rest...what more do we need?
  21. My '96 Swedish Mauser ( stock Military) 6.5x55 really likes IMR-4895 and 140 gr. Sierra Game Kings...hovers around 1.25 inch groups all day long...velocity is approx. 2700 fps. Bugler
  22. Does anyone know of any movies where he was NOT the quintessential bad guy? He was sort of type cast like John Wayne was but on the dark side. He was SO good at the bad guy role that you loved to hate him....especially in the Cowboys Bugler
  23. My grand father always called his 99 Savage in .250-3000 with Lyman 57 rear sight his "meat in the pot gun"..... I inherited it years ago and used it last weekend on a large body 3 point mule deer that lived in on a section of alphalfa field.....One shot with a 75 grain Accubond did the job. What a nostalgic journey for me....My dad's old Shrade LB-7 folding hunting knife did the field dressing..... Although both have been deceased for many years, they were both with me on last weekends hunt. How do you improve on THAT? Bugler
  24. How much for your mold?


    Randy Grow

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