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  1. Max did not get the PM or an email.

  2. TS When did you send in the request? I do not have an email from the web page for you. What size rig do have. All that is left right now is 30 amp spots. 

    Give a call 256-527-8755

    1. Tequila Shooter

      Tequila Shooter

      I just tried to call, went to voicemail.  Call me at 361-244-0158 



  3. Yes the Ruger Red Label is still available.

  4. Decided to copy from the pm Incase you are hav8ng problems with the pm

    Hey Dutch Al

    I am interested in the 38-55.

    I have a couple of questions.

    JES did the rebore is it the standard .366 and .376 rebore?

    Rear sight was mounted by who? Is it lined up straight? Can I get a picture of the sight mounted on the tang?

    Has there been any other work done on the rifle? Springs,  work etc.

    Does it function 100%? Feed, go bang every time etc.

    What kind of accuracy did you get out o the rifle?

    Lastly would you ship it for your asking price? 

  5. Thanks for the offer, I am going to let ride at 400 plus the shipping. If it doesn’t sell in a couple of days I will consider your offer. 

  6. I not know too much about the SKB shotguns.

    Is yours a 12 or 20?

    Also any work one on it?

    If so by who?

    Asking price?

    If you could send a pict or two it would be great. Email is gofftkd@bellsouth.net

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