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  1. “Our animal friends teach us more than we could have expected and love us more than we could have hoped…that’s why we miss them more than we could have imagined.” (Author Unknown) Sorry for your loss. Swiss
  2. Should not be too hard to do. Maybe WR will add it to the results page. Swiss
  3. As long as you're a citizen of that country.
  4. Lets say you're an Australian citizen, bur live in the US, and you win a gold medal in the Olympics. Is this a medal for Australia or the US?
  5. You can still win the category, but you wont be the "National Champion" for that category.
  6. Currently 75°F and sunny, and it is still February.
  7. He also dropped off a pressure washer to clean the props.
  8. I wanted to post some pictures from Monday, but everything is gone.
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