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  1. You sure that you didn't just "Sample" too many of them?
  2. Most of us here would recognize what they look like, but would the youth of today?
  3. That's fine. She's leaving the Miller Lite for me.
  4. That's not what you said. And you can get 5 or 10 round AR magazines.
  5. I've got an aftermarket battery for my Black & Decker that hasn't given me any trouble. Looking at the ratings, 68% of 450 reviewers gave these 5 stars. That's not bad. And if they don't work, Amazon has a decent return policy.
  6. Here's another bit of trivia: The names we call the various Tribes are not what they call themselves. The names we use were what other Tribes called them. 'Most all the Tribes simply called themselves "The People" in their own language. They looked at others as lesser beings.
  7. That's because they don't have any business of their own to mind.
  8. Alpo, sometimes you're like a feather up ALL our butts.
  9. Some years ago when the 10 round magazine limit was in place, Wilson Combat came out with the "Bureaucrat" 10 round 1911 magazine. It had a spacer on it to prevent jamming it too far into the magazine well. If I were to use longer magazines in any of my guns, I would have to have something like that. That being said, I carry an 8 rounder in Bigmouth for EDC, and a spare 8 rounder. As someone who is not an LEO, I figure that I've got myself pretty much covered. The probability of my getting into anything needing a reload at ALL is ridiculously low, needing more than 17 rounds even more so. I don't feel undergunned with a 5 round revolver and another 5 rounds at the ready, so I think I'm good to go.
  10. When I was stationed in Okinawa with the 3rd Marine Division, there was a commercial on the Forced Entertainment Network, (This was 1978. If you were there around then, you know what I mean), that showed an Army unit during some training exercise. They were bailing out of 6bys, charging through the woods, full Field Gear, screaming and yelling, to line up at a PX Food truck.
  11. If you start acting your age we're all in trouble!
  12. One of the most important factors is placement. Mice, (and rats) don't see very well, so they move along walls feeling with their whiskers. I place traps along the wall and make sure that they can't get around the trap. Where I used to live, I got them in the cabinets, so I made little paths with cans leading to a dead end, (no pun intended), with a trap in it. I like these traps. The phony cheese is big enough that they can't miss it.
  13. I understand the sentiment, but that's Alan Jackson.
  14. I hope it happens, but at a guess, it'll just be coming back for Ducky's funeral. What I'd LIKE to see, is the team figuring out that Ducky was murdered over something he knew and was going to reveal from an old case. And the only one who knew enough about the old case, is Gibbs.
  15. I know who she is. I just don't care. Same as with the Kardashians, Mama June, and most "famous" people. I will say one thing though. She's made her fortune singing about the bad choices she's made in men. She also thinks Brandon should be reelected.
  16. If I were at a large pot luck party, I'd have to check my wallet to see who's I.D. I was carrying. I don't get invited to parties of any kind.
  17. We occasionally get mail, correctly addressed, for a guy that we've never heard of. Couldn't be a former resident, the former residents were the critters that lived on the land before we put the house on it.
  18. I don't expect them to be. I haven't listened to much Country since about 2000 myself. My love for Country was from the '80s. Waylon, Willie, Hank Jr. and the like. The Gatlins were in that era. My only reason for answering the question was to be informative. (Any by the way, I was listening to Country BEFORE "Urban Cowboy" came out).
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