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  1. For Bigmouth, my EDC 1911, I have 6 magazines. Four are loaded at all times, 1 up the pipe, 1 in my pocket, 2 in a magazine pouch that can clip onto my belt, and 2 empty for range use because I'm too lazy to unload the others for that purpose. My Star Firestar has 3, 1 in the pipe, 2 in a pouch. I don't carry my LCP often, but it's 2 magazines are loaded. Additionally, my 625 is loaded, and I have a speed loader pouch with 4 more loaded full moon clips in it. There are also 3 loaded Taurus 85s stashed strategically in the house.
  2. On the rare occasions I get pulled over and ask if I have weapons, I answer "Of course!" (In Arizona they don't have a problem with it as long as you're honest about it). Of course when I used to make deliveries at Raytheon, THEN I'd answer, "Not that you know of." But I'd say it as though I was just joking, so they never got upset. They never found my gun, either. Neither did the M.P.s at any Military Base I entered.
  3. I knew a guy that had one back in the '70s. I don't remember if it was an Armalite or a Charter. Fun gun, did everything I would expect a .22 to do. The peep sight was very accurate.
  4. Not quite that bad, but I received a phone call from somebody wanting to give me "final expense assistance". When I told him I'm not dying, he hung up.
  5. Okay, unless we're talking an EOTWAWKI, that's just wrong.
  6. I'd love to have one of those Blackwater!
  7. Jeep: It's the most fun you can have on four wheels!
  8. Two of my .45s have ACP cylinders for them. WAY cheaper than .45Colt. And accurate since they're both .45s.
  9. Nope. It's because they're too scared of The Marines.
  10. I'd say that Primate City describes MOST big cities these days.
  11. I haven't shot for a while, but unless my remember is wrong, isn't it part of the timer's JOB to help shooter through the stage? Or don't we do that anymore?
  12. If other countries are so great, why do WE have an illegal immigration problem with people leaving there, risking life and limb to get here? And why are these "older, more refined", etc. countries NOT the world leader our country is? Why is America the standard by which everything is measured? Even with the problems we now face, most of which we've either brought upon ourselves, or allowed others to bring on us, The United States of America IS the greatest place on Earth!
  13. Pretty much what I was concerned about.
  14. Oh don't get me wrong, I have my phone connected to bluetooth in my Jeep, and a "trucker's headset" for if I'm driving any other vehicle. I LOVE that thing. I just can't see my appliances having anything to say.
  15. Same time frame. My friend and I were bent on joining the Columbus Fire Dept. The whole thing that started the City hiring women was a lawsuit by "people of color" as they are called these days, claiming that the City didn't have enough of "them" on the Police and Fire Dept. So when after a two year or three year hiring freeze to settle the suit, they DID start giving Civil Service Tests, they were court ordered that for every 100 applicants to take the top 50 whites, top 40 blacks, and top 10 other. Under the previous rules, I would have been the second class, but under the new guidelines, when I wasn't hired after the second class, I said the heck with it and enlisted in The Marines. My friend went on to drive a truck.
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