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  1. Means you have to eat them before they kill you But you sent pictures and everything
  2. Been working up to it probably have brain in traction for a week now. Dang my feet going get tired cause I can't put pressure on my brain.
  3. Pray for you pard if I can ever get neck working again doc wants do my L 5
  4. I think we need to spend time investing this. So get your favorite recipe along with proper sides and we will judge you........harshly.Rules are simple 1 what mind of meat you cooking 2 how you plan cook your meat 3 what vegetables do you plan to serve 4 how are said vegetables allowed in this country 5 should you are successful smuggling in vegetables how do you plan to cook them 6 how to you disguise vegetables to protect yourself. 7 corn bread or biscuits 8 sweet tea or I never thought my glucose could go so high sweet tea. Now submit you entries for lots of razzzin
  5. Have couple more shots they will start looking better
  6. Blackpowder makes good pumpkin stuffing
  7. She be looking for more cats. Going dump them on Father Kit
  8. I worked at a diesel truck dealership for while common problem
  9. Ok there is nothing funny about Australia, well maybe Wallaby Jack something just not right about him
  10. I still think Sharon stone is much prettier than Sam Elliott
  11. Texas would be bigger storm Australia storm would try to kill you
  12. With a bad L5 that doesn't take long for me
  13. Don't ask @Patriothe will send you to the red-light district
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