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  1. if i had facebook it would defenatly be a post
  2. When my brass starts coming out with grey haze.
  3. That's the problem. USMC wouldn't dare clean urns. Way to dangerous when Msgt got his cup.
  4. Ruger vaqueros are very popular. Can be tuned and built solid.
  5. Betty my GSP was very timid, however would not miss chance ride the mule
  6. I would like to add " you get what you pay for"
  7. My son is using thiis for his education.
  8. Does this also include nightmares?
  9. Zebra in back looks like a horrified father in denial he sired
  10. Bad things about gunshows now is between an opposition based on belief by some, and now the scabs that want to price gouge. Both have made where if they continue most shows will not be able to continue.
  11. So are you going to fold up brim and wear sideways
  12. Looks like he dresses the same as you. Hope he has great future.
  13. I have in past it really depends on the recycling place and any laws in your area. It will be considered dirty brass which doesn't get as much as clean.
  14. cute now but wait until they both go into terrible twos
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