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  1. Or am I just yanking your chain a tiny bit? LOL. Everything looks great Jack. We're starting on 1, obviously with shared targets pistol has to be a little farther out or you get super close rifle. It will be fun. We're going to try to get there before dark Thursday, depends on traffic and our friends in law enforcement.
  2. Ariats, Levis 501, a Henley, and a good hat, add or remove thermals and wild rag as needed. I won't win any costume contests, but well within the rules and low drag.
  3. I really appreciate how the NARs have made this match so transparent. Everybody gets the same opportunity to look at both stage instructions and an actual look at the stages. Very cool. Thanks. PS On stage 1 those pistol targets are not what I would call big and close.
  4. But it's a dry heat.....j/k. I don't see much advantage to wearing a short sleeve shirt when I can just roll up my sleeves. I also don't think short sleeved shirts help as much with the heat as short PANTS do. Now there's a can of worms, or a stir of the pot, or a stir of the pot full of worms.
  5. It was updated about 6 days ago. https://www.sassnet.com/EoT/downloads/Whos Coming 4.13.2021.pdf
  6. 25 days until the fun begins. Three matches, one of which is Alabama State! This is the best time of year, with 4 State matches and EOT within 2.5 months.
  7. There is no test in Georgia, so other than how others are responding I have no idea what those scores mean. I had a former HS student, now Atlanta PD come to me a few years back worried he would fail his certification test. He had been in a shootout and dumped an entire mag from his Glock without getting a single hit. When he told me the certification requirements and the amount of time they had I was left wondering what the heck, how do you not pass that and how do you dump 15-17 rounds into a car at close range and not get a single hit?
  8. I wonder if there have been any cancellations leading to folks coming off the waiting list?
  9. @Marshal TKD, Sass # 36984L I just found out today that the Iron Cowboy does not have school Friday. If it's not to late he wants to shoot the match, Junior Boy. I think we're probably better off if I just bring the registration with me rather than mail it Monday. Please let me know if this will work. He'll need to posse with me. Thanks,
  10. Doing my match before the match cleaning today. I’ll take my match straight up with a side of fun. Hold the rain.
  11. I spent a lot of time living on military installations, so I don't recall ever being given a gun as mine, nor being allowed to buy one. I did a lot of shooting with a variety of BB guns and pellet rifles, and pistols. It wasn't uncommon for my father or one of my grandfathers to lend me a gun to go shoot for whatever reason. When that happened it was typically either one grandfather's old double 12 gauge, the other's .22 snubbie revolver, or one of my dad's guns, most of which I have now. My grandfather convinced me that the .22 revolver was perfect for hunting varmints in the
  12. It may seem counterintuitive, but the closer the targets, and the faster the stages, the more mistakes become magnified. Set up a stage that a really fast shooter can run in 20 seconds, and a miss has less impact than a stage that the same shooter can run in 15 seconds. Yeah, it's 5 seconds either way, but in the first instance, it's a 25% penalty, but in the second, it's 33.3%. Yeah it's easier to stay clean if they're big and close, but the penalty for not staying clean is now higher. The same is true for transitions, the faster the stage, the bigger a component transitions become.
  13. I'm looking forward to it! 1 match to go! Or if you measure in days, 9.
  14. Again, my way or the highway. I didn't do it that way, and therefore YOU shouldn't do it that way either. That's not what I consider fun and therefore YOU should't consider it fun either.
  15. And there we have a perfect example of a common attitude among some in SASS. 'Not shooting it the way I think it should be shot and following the standards I believe are important, then what you're doing is 'meaningless' and so are your accomplishments.'
  16. " And getting the targets closer and bigger makes it easier to do. Shooting sub 16 second stage at 7 yards is a ton harder than doing it at 3. " Many shooters here just won't acknowledge this. Not saying there's no challenge at three yards, but it's a little easier to go fast and hit the target then 7 yards. That's all. If it wasn't a little easier why would some matches bother setting up giant targets at minimum distances. They will say that people still miss at 3 yards but not acknowledge that they do miss less often. Otherwise there'd be no reason to spend the money
  17. Different strokes for different folks. It's my opinion that significant differences in target size and distance change the challenges shooters face when shooting them. I think the truth of that statement is self evident. You're free to disagree. It's also my opinion that there isn't a 'right' preference in terms of big and close or small and far. Some like one type, some like the other, some take what comes and try to get the most fun out of it. Count me in the last group. I shot the South Carolina State Match last weekend. It was a lot of fun. Definit
  18. OK, I'm sold. I need to shoot Bordertown.
  19. It was a fun match. Posse three was a fun group to shoot with.
  20. Premium was $3.80 something here south of Atlanta a couple of days ago. That's up from the high $2.90s not that long ago. Not sure about regular.
  21. I thought it looked like the Submariners qual pin (dolphins). Sorry for the flex, the tails look cool but I couldn’t make them show.
  22. I wish all Match Directors felt that way.
  23. We put these in Kid Flash’s set and I polished the hammer struts. Two matches later and no issues. Next up On Target Sights and wood grips.
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