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  1. Jim it sounds pretty straightforward. I appreciate you taking the time to lay that out. Thanks.
  2. If you want pin point accuracy these are not the sights for you! I agree, it would be nice to be able to try them out. If you were in GA I would lend mine too you. Maybe you know a pard out that way who has some?
  3. You might give XS big dots a look. They're made for close in work, which is what we need for our EDC pistols. If I'm in a jam I want to see that front sight NOW, and those big front sights really jump out at you. If you think about your sight picture, when you have a three dot sight like the ones you posted, you can't see anything below the top of that sight. With the lollypop look of Big Dots you have the ability to see around the sight better.
  4. LOL. This is why many folks are hesitant to ship or bring guns into California. You two are both residents and you're not agreeing on what the law says. You have to read a novella just to get a handle on things? What if it's a fifth Saturday, are there any special rules that kick in? What if I don't have a hat on? This reminds me of the parable about boiling a frog. From your perspective, having been in the pot for a while, everything seems fine. From mine on the outside looking in, it looks mighty hot in there, I think I'll pass.
  5. It’s not about you being you, other than the arrogance part, it’s you thinking the rest of us need to be more like you.
  6. RIGHT! Me abiding by Georgia state laws is making things tough on Georgia cops. Dude, you're so far out there. You have the gall to come on a website based around a shooting sport and state that in your 'humble' opinion the rest of the country should adopt the insane gun laws you have in California? This is a joke right? If you lumped the friends I have into categories the biggest one would be educators and the second biggest one would be cops. You don't know what you're talking about. Georgia cops don't want California gun laws. When my home was broken into and I shot two of the perps tires out with my shotgun so he couldn't get away every single cop who responded to the call either shook my hand or gave me a high five. The detective, the crime scene guys, and all the regular patrolmen that responded. One of them still stops and talks to me when I'm out fishing on the lake. You are right that police work is dangerous, but exactly how does restricting the rights of law abiding citizens make it less so? You think the gang banger in the inner city with 10 outstanding warrants is going to unload his gun and lock it in the trunk because he's worried about breaking the law?
  7. LOL you’re quoting me and attributing it to OLG. Thanks for your comments on ‘common sense.’ Here in Georgia we don’t roll that way. I can have my holstered, loaded gun anywhere in my car I want it, no need to ask the State ‘pretty please’ and no need for a CCW. Somehow we manage to live with the danger of being shot by frightened confused cops.
  8. I guess I should have purchased a Mustang instead of a Camaro?
  9. Heck I don't think you would even be pulled over for that in the Atlanta area. I passed a DeKalb county cop on the way home. I was doing 58 in the 45, never occurred to me to be worried he would pull me over.
  10. It's in my blood. My grandfather Burt was one of the first NASCAR drivers. I grew up around souped up muscle cars, Porsches, Vettes you name it. He started out as a moonshiner, then had nothing to do with his stable of fast cars when they legalized liquor, so he became an owner/driver. On that side of the family most were hard nosed, hard living Mississippi rednecks. Laws were negotiable as evidenced by the fact that most of the Long Beach, Gulfport and Biloxi Police departments were on his payroll. It got even more interesting once he decided to start making book and running a string of illegal gambling halls. I learned to drive at 11 and how to cheat at cards even earlier.
  11. I’ve driven much, much faster than 91. Heck I’m just shifting into third gear at 75.
  12. Wow, so you hope I kill myself. I'm not particularly fond of you, but I don't hope for your death. On that note I think I'm done with this thread.
  13. Back to the OP. We've seen a decline in Georgia since I started back in 2011. It's hard to say if that's a result of changes in who is running the local matches, or if it's a reflection of a nationwide trend. I found out about SASS in Guns and Ammo. Pure luck. That was back in 2010. Since then I've never heard SASS mentioned or advertised outside of the CC or my circle of SASS friends/acquaintances. Do we know if they advertise in any way?
  14. Hi Snakebite, To me it's not really lame, though I understand and accept your position. I definitely don't think everyone in Cali is a nut! I've read enough Victor Davis Hanson to have some idea what's going on in your state and the split between the coastal 'elites' and everyone else. I would love to shoot at Norco, but if I do it will probably be with borrowed guns from a local.
  15. Let me start by saying I don't really care what you think about how I drive. I like to drive fast. When conditions permit I drive however fast I want to. If I get a ticket I thank the officer and pay it. Speeding and street racing are two very different things, conflating them as you've done is a distortion of what I said. That's all I have to say about that. Back to the OP topic.
  16. Phantom who has been involved in a tragic accident? I didn't think it was irresponsible and neither did the trooper, obviously since he wrote it down to a speed where I didn't even get points. Highway designed for speeds in excess of 100, car designed for speeds up to 180, zero traffic, clear weather, driver with 40+ years of experience during which he's had a single fender bender. Not irresponsible at all. To be fair, I was in a hurry and forgot to set my cruise on 84. That's usually my self imposed limit. But I do know the CCW laws in all states I travel too. Most are not that different from Georgia. Back to the OP topic. I plan to go to EOT one day, if it's not in a gun grabber state. As others have said I would like to see more marketing by SASS. I have never seen a SASS ad.
  17. See, I don't even have any locks and I don't transport my guns in cases. So, now I'm on the side of the California highway with four guns, not cased or locked. Time for a free ride from CHP? No thanks. I could buy a bigger car to accommodate cases, then buy the cases, then buy the locks. Or I could just not go to California. To get back on topic. I believe that California gun laws would impact attendance at EOT if it were moved back there. Maybe a little, maybe a lot, but I think it would matter.
  18. How about you run down to the LGS and buy a couple of AR's with 30 round mags and bring them home today? Maybe walk into the local Sheriff's office, get fingerprinted, get a background check, pay $70 and go home with a CCW good in 33 states? How about open carry with no permit, want to try that in LA? Drive over to Nevada and buy some ammo to bring back? Sorry, Cali is nice, we have great pards there, I have personal friends there, but if you're arguing it's gun friendly then I disagree.
  19. I'm not afraid, but I am ignorant of the complexities of Cali gun laws. For that reason I stick to states where the 2nd amendment is a real thing.
  20. Not to hijack the thread, but I'll give you another example. I was driving to a match in Alabama back in January. A Georgia State Trooper zapped me at 91 in the 70 and pulled me over. When he got to the question about 'do you have any guns' I said yes. He replied "Where is it?" I laughed and said 'It?' "There are four in the trunk, one under my seat and one in the console." He smiled and came back with a ticket for 84 in the 70. Is that how a typical California State Trooper would have reacted?
  21. Let's say I drive into Cali with a loaded handgun in my glove box. Perfectly legal here in Georgia, no permit needed. What's the State Trooper who finds that gun going to do? Let's say I stick my revolvers in socks and put them on the back seat to drive from the hotel to the range. Am I good? Edited to add:' Some of you that live in restrictive states can pooh pooh other's concerns, but those of us from states like say, Georgia, aren't used to those type rules. It's pretty easy to forget that what we take for granted at home doesn't apply in Cali.
  22. I'm not sure what I'm painting. I think most would accept as true the statement that California has very restrictive gun laws, particularly compared to what we have in the Southeast. I think it's also true that many people who are not from California realize that the laws there are restrictive, the penalties can be harsh, so the path of least resistance is to not bring guns there. What part of that is a 'wide brush'?
  23. Yeah, I pretty much stay away from any states that border DC. My CCW is honored in 33 states. None of the states I listed are among those 33.
  24. The problem isn't a specific law OLG, it's that those states are clearly dangerous for gun owners and many of us don't know the rules that will apply if we bring guns there. We do know that if we violate those rules we'll be in deep doo-doo. It's easier to just not go.
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