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  1. I may have to get a dedicated BP rifle and an 1887 to go with these.
  2. Thank you! I may have to actually start shooting the black stuff now.
  3. My father is still giving away guns. This trip he gave me two revolvers, both black powder only .44 cal. The longer barreled one is ASM and the other is Pieta. What are these?
  4. That’s why you double tap the first few!
  5. Why can't I shoot stages in less than 15 seconds. Wah, wah. Why don't I have any hair left on the top of my head. Wah, wah. How come eating boiled peanuts is so much work, crawfish too. Wah, wah.
  6. Pinning the trigger back is slip hammering, perfectly legal. Holding a revolver with one hand only while hitting the hammer with the offhand is fanning, regardless of whether the trigger is pulled every time or not.
  7. Because timers don’t always pick up rifle shots. At a local match recently we had a stage that finished with shotgun BUT, if you got all the knockdown targets with your rifle the shotgun wasn’t needed. As a result many shooters, including me, finished with the rifle. We had one shooter who had to shoot the stage 3 times before we were able to pick up his last rifle shot.
  8. SHB page 15 Any unsafe handling in the course of a draw from the holster or any “fanning” to shoot a revolver is strictly forbidden. Slip-hammering is not the same as fanning and is legal. SHB page 45 Fanning - A handgun (revolver, pocket pistol, or derringer) shooting technique in which one hand controls the trigger and the other hits the hammer singularly or repeatedly without any part of the cocking hand remaining in contact with the handgun or the support hand. What you're describing sounds like fanning to me. In your view, how does it differ from fanning
  9. No. Current best practice for stage writing is 'rifle not last.' Plenty of stages end with pistols.
  10. No, because you’re now either requiring clubs to write two different scenarios for every stage, or all stages must always end with shotgun. I hardly call that a ‘solution.’
  11. Not a cloud in the sky here. The Burt bunch will be heading to the lake in a bit to get a good view. Guess I need to get the telescope out and dust it off.
  12. I know you prefer .45, but if .38s will do I can help you out.
  13. I have no problem with that idea. Treat it like any age based category, with any SASS legal 22s allowed. Participants should not be eligible for the overall.
  14. I really hope it's moved to a weekend adjacent to CaC, or CaC gets moved to a weekend adjacent to the NC. If I'm going to drive 12 hours getting to shoot two major matches will be more enticing than only one.
  15. Isn’t April when Land Run has always been scheduled?
  16. From my perspective this is what makes purchasing a higher quality gun worth it. It's less about speed, though there is a speed difference, it's about durability and reliability. You get what you pay for. Back when I started in 2011 I dropped a fair amount of money on a rifle and pistols. Ten years later and that rifle and those pistols are still going strong and have never broken or had malfunctions. A bit later I purchased an SKB to replace the Stoeger I started out with. I probably have 8 years worth of matches on that SKB and I've had exactly one broken spring in 8 years.
  17. I haven't purchased powder lately, so I don't know what my brand is going for, last I looked it wasn't available. My brass cost hasn't changed and neither has the cost of bullets.
  18. I don't like the idea of higher prices either, but let's not over react. Based on yesterday's prices I was reloading .38 at about 8.5 cents a round. That was with primers at about 3.2 cents each, or in Doc's case 3 cents each. If that $400 a case sticks in the future that jacks the price of a primer up to about 8 cents, so a loaded round would then cost me about 13.3 cents. With Sharyn and I shooting a little over a thousand rounds a month that means the cost of shooting would go up about $50 bucks a month, for two people each shooting 4-5 matches.
  19. Nothing wrong with the Redneck Riviera, I'll be heading that way in a few days. Got a place reserved on the Bon Secour river. Kajun could probably translate that. Good something....hopefully good fishing. I don't know Red Knee, but I do know Widder and I have a feeling these new bionic enhancements of his are going to make him even more difficult to deal with than he was before. I want a picture of this please. TW carrying Slim to a truck after they share ice cream. This would need to go in the Cowboy Chronicle.
  20. I still love SASS matches, after 10 years. Bass fishing comes and goes. If the weather and my mood are both right, it's a go, otherwise I stay home.
  21. Well Bob you would ask that. I try to keep all our CAS brass loaded, but it's been pretty busy since about September, so I haven't been reloading. We're down to about 3,000 rounds of .32, give or take a couple of hundred rounds either way. It looks like we're down to maybe 6,500 rounds of .38, again give or take a few hundred either way. Meanwhile there is a lot of dirty brass out in the garage that I plan on cleaning and reloading right away, or at least by next year. Oh, and I think we have about 10 cases of 12 gauge, so maybe enough to get through the summer.
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