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  1. I would prefer me with my AR AND you next to me with your shotgun!
  2. True, but a man alone with an AR is infinitely better prepared than a man alone without a gun.
  3. They're actually sitting in a small box in the back of my closet accumulating. When I get enough to be worth the trouble I'll have to figure something out. I bet if I bring them to a cowboy match someone will take them, fully aware that there may or may not be something wrong with them.
  4. I don't know where that quote came from, but it wasn't me.
  5. Although I like your comment I'm going to respectfully disagree. Gamers have been, and in some circles still are, criticized despite being within the rules. They're also sneered at by some 'real smoke and flame cowboys' for their calibers of choice and attire.
  6. I have an 870 with extended mag too, and a Mossberg 930, both fully loaded. But if it's mob time and they're not in my house, I'm going to the AR.
  7. These are the same folks who get in arguments with 4,000 pound vehicles (and lose). I don't think 'pondering' is among their skills.
  8. Pulling bullets is too much like work. I found an easier solution. I throw them away. Costs me a .12 per bullet discarded and saves me a lot of aggravation.
  9. The one's I've shot aren't perfectly balanced and can sometimes be set in more than one position. Ideally you want one 'petal' as close to straight up as possible, or at least I do, cause that's the one I'm going to shoot first.
  10. Bob doesn’t want to be shot for lack of shooting back.
  11. Colt AR 15 with 12 loaded 30 round pmags for rioters/looters. Once all that is gone it will be time to break out the serious hardware.
  12. I appreciate him letting me finish ahead of him. I’m sure the other 20 shooters do to.
  13. JMO, but if the shooter is making SASS power factor and is within the SASS speed limitations then other shooters who don't like it have a problem with SASS, not that particular shooter. If a club is using knockdown targets that can't be knocked down by SASS legal loads then they're not running a good match as far as I'm concerned. If they gave shooters a heads up prior to the match I might be willing to load some 'knockdown' rounds, but more likely I would just shoot somewhere else (if it's a habitual thing). My standard loads are hot enough to knock down properly calibrated targets and I'm not inclined to work up hotter loads just so I can overcome crappy targets.
  14. My pre-64 model 70 Winchester is capable of taking anything that walks on the North American continent. Since I have no plans to leave that area it should be sufficient. Beside my rifle was manufactured about 40 years before that cartridge was developed.
  15. For SASS applications your big bore, full house, blackpowder loads serve no useful purpose other than putting a smile on your face, which it appears they do quite well. My 'mouse fart' 125 grain 2.7 Clays loads serve the exact same purpose, they put a smile on my face when I run sub 17 second stages. Forgive me, but I'm not impressed by a hot .45 Colt load. If I want a lot of bang and buck I'll go shoot my Model 70 chambered in 300 Win mag, which generates over 4,000 foot pounds of energy, or my 454 Casull with about 2,000 foot pounds of energy. Those make the measly 300+ foot pounds of a 45 colt look like mouse farts to me.
  16. Maybe it's my old back, but that AR stuff seems heavier than standard targets too. Maybe denser?
  17. Not to mention hot rounds splashing back.
  18. Really! Ever had anyone say anything?
  19. I guess I’m just not tough enough for those big boy loads, or think that any connection between the caliber you shoot and your manliness is tenuous at best.
  20. Well TW let us down and forgot his dress at home. Despite that it was a great match.
  21. No ruckus, so far. Just a discussion. Around here movie lines are relatively common, money bags or other props aren’t as common but you still see them once every four or five matches or so.
  22. There’s no rule or convention that I’m aware of that states that. I don’t like redundancy either, but I do like clarity. It’s a balance. Is ‘make safe’ needed, clearly no. Are instructions about where long guns can discarded needed? I think so. JMO.
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