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  1. Do you know why people say "drink and swear like a sailor?" Because paratroopers hadn't been invented yet!
  2. I think I'm more impressed by Lt. Bill Overstreet, who flew a P-51 Mustang, called "Berlin Express" under the tower in pursuit of a Bf-109. The 109 didn't escape. https://theaviationgeekclub.com/the-story-of-bill-overstreets-p-51b-berlin-express-the-mustang-that-flew-under-the-eiffel-tower-in-hot-pursuit-of-a-luftwaffe-messerschmitt-bf-109/
  3. I haven't been online much and just noticed this. I will keep your dad, you and your family in my thoughts and meditations.
  4. Aand... I had to clean coffee off my computer screen.
  5. Sweet! There ARE far bigger geeks than me in the world.
  6. And shoot the target you see in the middle...
  7. Running PT test hung over, or even still drunk.
  8. WHAT?!? My first rock concert was Iron Maiden (if my parents had only known!) 40-odd years later, I'm still a fan. Oh, as for the topic, I think @Ozark Huckleberry summed it up pretty well.
  9. Back when I was delivering furniture for a living, we got behind a semi hauling what could only be a 5” naval turret. When it dawned on me what it was, I asked the driver to change lanes. When I he asked why, I pointed it out to him and commented on it being disconcerting. He agreed and changed lanes.
  10. “Old enough to know better than give out my personal information.”
  11. I'm thinking it's a movie. Science fiction at that.
  12. "They say that in the Army, the coffee is mighty fine, Looks like muddy water, and tastes like turpentine..."
  13. “Cry ‘God for Harry, England and Saint George!’”
  14. I went the single cup route. Good for a single cup, and less storage space taken You foam for the cappuccino. Good stuff, either way, but I won't judge. I would enjoy a larger espresso maker like the one you posted. Yes, you do. It really isn't that much more work, and worth the effort. Definitely go the burr route, though. Much more consistent grind. I stop short of being like a doctor I served with in the Guard who roasted his own beans. That's too much even for me.
  15. Extremely cool! A belated Happy Birthday to you!
  16. Get another french press, a pour over maker, an electric espresso and cappuccino maker, a stove top espresso maker and a burr grinder, and you'll be set! Although you do have me on the speckleware coffee pot!
  17. Aren’t you familiar with the phrase “two is one and one is none?” When it comes to coffee, redundancy is vital.
  18. An older picture of AB at a show, and a much newer one of her current horse, with her in the background, my youngest daughter holding the lead.
  19. If you sent out a distress signal at sea and this responded? https://www.gotheborg.se/en/news/rescue-of-sailing-boat/
  20. They and you will be in my thoughts and meditations.
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