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  1. Bob and Doug McKenzie, Twelve Days of Christmas
  2. If firearms owners and firearms companies wanted to make a statement, it would be to offer NO business to Illinois. The World Shooting and Recreational Complex in Sparta would be a ghost town, avoided even by Illinois shooters. All of the organizations that hold matches there... Pull out. Chicago police want guns and ammo? Sorry, no. We can't and won't do business in your state, period. We got your message, loud and clear. My hunch is their message might change slightly.
  3. I learned of his experiences a long time ago, and ever since, it was clear to me that much of The Twilight Zone was him dealing with PTSD.
  4. While I believe the analogy is generally helpful , I believe he goes overboard and even contradicts himself in several spots. This is utter nonsense. Sure, by not carrying a weapon, generally understood to mean a firearm, when allowed to do so means you are putting yourself at a disadvantage. It does not, however, make one a sheep. To wit: Clearly one's personal awareness, confidence and demeanor play a role in not only how they are viewed by "wolves," it also directly correlates to how one is likely to respond to a bad situation. Again, following up with an example: Were Beamer and the other passengers who fought that day armed? Certainly not with firearms, likely only with whatever improvised weapons they could muster. He says they went from being sheep to sheepdogs. I would proffer they were always sheepdogs, they simply had no need to respond to their true nature before that time. I don't think I'm a sheep, sheepdog, wolf or bear. I'm a burro. The sheep, sheepdogs, horses and other farmyard animals aren't all that afraid of me, but they tend to leave me alone. I can be obstinate to a fault, sometimes uncouth and even obnoxious, but let a coyote step foot in the pasture and it is game on!
  5. Makes you realize how good this guy is. Pay attention to the first 2:30:
  6. I hope this hasn't already been posted, but it popped up as a suggestion on YouTube. I liked Kenny Rogers, even liked the First Edition to the extent I have heard their music, but I didn't know Kenny Rogers was a fair-to-middlin' bass player.
  7. But "eats crayons like a Marine" just doesn't have the same ring to it.
  8. Deserving of it's own thread perhaps, but I'm not sure what was considered relevant to the OP
  9. My mom and dad didn't dislike AB. My mom just always thought I would marry another girl I dated. She would even say as much, even a couple of times after I married (not while AB was around mind you). My dad, on the other hand found her tolerable because... Well, she wasn't Jewish or Catholic. As a Jehovah's Witness, if he had only known her true inclinations, or mine in the realm of religion, It would have been much worse, I think. They came to accept her, but despite everyone's efforts, they never did really find common ground. All these years later, I'm convinced I made the right choice.
  10. Do you know why people say "drink and swear like a sailor?" Because paratroopers hadn't been invented yet!
  11. I think I'm more impressed by Lt. Bill Overstreet, who flew a P-51 Mustang, called "Berlin Express" under the tower in pursuit of a Bf-109. The 109 didn't escape. https://theaviationgeekclub.com/the-story-of-bill-overstreets-p-51b-berlin-express-the-mustang-that-flew-under-the-eiffel-tower-in-hot-pursuit-of-a-luftwaffe-messerschmitt-bf-109/
  12. I haven't been online much and just noticed this. I will keep your dad, you and your family in my thoughts and meditations.
  13. Aand... I had to clean coffee off my computer screen.
  14. Sweet! There ARE far bigger geeks than me in the world.
  15. And shoot the target you see in the middle...
  16. Running PT test hung over, or even still drunk.
  17. WHAT?!? My first rock concert was Iron Maiden (if my parents had only known!) 40-odd years later, I'm still a fan. Oh, as for the topic, I think @Ozark Huckleberry summed it up pretty well.
  18. Back when I was delivering furniture for a living, we got behind a semi hauling what could only be a 5” naval turret. When it dawned on me what it was, I asked the driver to change lanes. When I he asked why, I pointed it out to him and commented on it being disconcerting. He agreed and changed lanes.
  19. “Old enough to know better than give out my personal information.”
  20. I'm thinking it's a movie. Science fiction at that.
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